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Campervan hire Norway is now the safe way to holiday, letting you create your own personal space. As a result, demand for campervan hire Norway and campervan hire Spain and most European locations has over recent years. We can help you find the right motorhome hire package that will meet with your family needs. We cater to couples that just need a small 2 berth campervan to families that need to sleep 4 or more plus need all the amenities that go with a large luxury motorhome

Norway is filled with wide, long stretches of open road and stunning natural scenery, making it a popular destination for a motorhome holiday.  Campervan hire Norway is a great way to travel around the country and there are plenty of camper sites to facilitate those touring this way.

There are some amazing road trips options to explore Norway and by hiring a fully equipped camping van you can experience them and see all of the sights and attractions along the way. Witness the coastline, mountains, fjords and waterfalls while driving along one of the Natural Tourist Routes set up by the government or by steering off on your own. This is also one of the few places that you can witness the aurora borealis. 

The team at RV Rent a Campervan have years of experience arranging Norway campervan holidays. When you book with us, we will leverage this experience to your advantage ensuring you get the best deal and the recreational vehicles that ticks all the boxes in your requirements list. We can offer a wide choice of campming vans from the mini camper size with a choice of the Volkswagen Caddy or Renault Kangoo both equipped with special features for an enjoyable camping experience in Norway.

All suppliers of motorhome rental Norway offer unlimited mileage, so you can fully explore every nook and cranny that Norway has to offer.

Free Camping and Aires in Norway

Norway is an expensive place, but the good news is that you can make some saving by taking advantage of free camping sites and the wide choice of Aires. A Norwegian Aire is an approved motorhome and campervan overnight parking place.

Whilst, Aires are basic overnight motorhome sites that are spread thought out Norway. They are miniated by the local council. They can be free, or at most will charge a small fee to use overnight. Many also offer motorhome services, but small additional fees will apply.

Where are the main campervan rental depots in Norway?

Motorhome rental Norway is a popular way for many to explore the different regions of Norway. As such, all airports offer a good selection of campervan rental options, with Mc Rent Norway being the main supplier of a range of campervans from small 2 berth budget vans to larger luxury RV motorhomes.

  • Pick up/drop off location/s - Oslo airport, and near Oslo, Stavanger airport and near Stavanager, Bergen Airport and near Bergen, Evens Airport and near Evens
  • Best suited for - Couples and families
  • Availability - Check here

One Way RV Rental Norway

If, like me, you wish to see as much as possible without having to retrace your steps, a one way RV rental may be the solution. With motorhome hire the suppliers having multiple depots in North and South of Norway, it is possible to kick off an Oslo Motorhome rental and return it to Tromsø.

Motorhome Rental in Norway Campgrounds

Choosing a Norway motorhome rental holiday will save you money over the traditional hotel style, plus it has so much more to offer. In terms of comfort, RV rental camp grounds offer a range of first class amenities that feature saunas for relaxation and a chance to meet and share your Arctic campers experiences with fellow campers after a day's adventure.  

Norway is expensive, but it is super safe and is without doubt a spectacular place to visit. The range of motorhome rental vehicles available for hire starts off with the ever popular classic VW California pop-tops, ranging to larger to 4-berth and 6-berth motorhomes. The larger motorhomes are best suited to small or mid size families and for convenience will be fitted out with on-board showers and WC's.

Wide Choice with Touring Cars Norway

We can offer a good choice of campervan hire in Norway with McRent Norway and Touring cars Norway. We have also recently added a Rent Easy Norway.

Campervan Hire Norway

Instant Confirmation Touring Cars and Rent Easy Norway

Both McRent Norway and Rent Easy Norway are now able to give instant confirmation on selected campervan models.

Rent Easy Campervan Hire Norway

Norway Campervan Hire Tours

Helgeland Coast:

From Trondheim north along the coast, witness the sea on one side and the mountains on the other. Walk through the cave at Torghatten Mountain and take photos of the magnificent Svartisen Glacier. 433 kilometers long, this road stretches, twists, and turns through some of Norway’s most scenic landscapes. At one point you will go through the Arctic Circle and be in the land of the midnight sun. See the UNESCO site The Vega Islands while on this journey as well, with its waters and many mountains in the distance to help create an even more dreamlike photograph. 

Drive slow on this journey down the coast and admire mother nature and earth at it’s best. Stretch it for as long as you can, even do some world-class hiking if you feel adventurous! Stay overnight in Vennesund Brygge Holiday Park or Storsand Gard Camping.

Oslo to Bergen:

Heading on the Rv7 for 460kms will take you on one of Norway’s most popular drives along the southeast coast. This drive heads to the tip of the country and north along the southwest coast. Along this drive, easily done in an RV, but mostly done on a train – is a true show of nature. Most people opt to take the train while doing an RV trip for the reason that it is considered one of the best train rides in the entire world. Norway is truly nature in the best way possible. 

Driving during the right season is also key, though. As it is always pretty, snow may make it a little bit more difficult to have a steady journey. Discover untouched beaches, sand dunes and boulders as well as mountains, waterfalls and fjords. Rest in camper sites such as Tingsaker Camping AS and Stavanger Camping Mosvangen.

West Norway:

West Norway is famous for its spectacular fjords. Begin the drive in Bergen and make your way north to Molde. En route, be sure to stop at Sognefjorden, Jostedalsbreen and Dovrefjell. Sognefjorden is the largest fjord in Norway, and trust us when we say: they are known for their fjords! Here, you can see ancient relics and old churches that time has not forgotten. 

You can also see continental Europe’s largest glacier: Jostedalsbreen. Dovrefjell will leave you speechless, as it is one of the many gorgeous mountain ranges in Norway. Dovre National Park is here as well and is the highest mountain range in the region. Norway’s beautiful, untouched nature makes it a must-see for those needing to see what mother earth creates when it is not disturbed by humans. To visit these sites, stay at Saebo Park, Alda Bobilutleie resort or Gjora Kro & Camping.

Norway Weather

Norway is not as cold as one might think thanks to the Gulf Stream that flows along the coast. Still, its high latitude means that sunlight varies from season to season, and the northern and southern parts of the country have completely different climates. Northern towns, such as Narvik, have a subarctic climate, towns along the west coast have a sub polar oceanic climate and Oslo, which is in the southeast, has a humid continental climate. Oslo also has the warmest and the sunniest summers, while summers in the southwest, like in Stavanger, are wet and warm, bordering cool. Extreme temperatures are possible year round though the brightest time of year is between May and September, which is when Norway has its most pleasant weather.

Compare campervan hire Norway

We have put together the best deals on motorhome and RV rentals in Norway, with pick ups available in the cities of Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen as well as at the country’s busiest airports. Bobilutleies on offer such as the Chausson Flash 07 camping car can sleep as few as two whilst the Flash 03 Touring Van as many as six, with models ranging from Eura Mobil to the Chausson Flash.

Norway motorhome rental is available with 3 key suppliers, all offering a good range of campervans at reasonable prices. Many extras are also available should they be required. McRent Norway have depots in many European locations, making a good supplier for one way rental in Europe. Touring cars a well respected brand name can offer a range from small camping cars to larger 5 and 6 berth motorhomes. Pure Motorhomes offer more options for cheap Norway campervan rental.

Norway RV rental pickup locations in Norway include Trondheim, Bergen, Tromso and Oslo Airport motorhome hire. All suppliers have a range of camping cars from small budget camping cars to full size multi berth RVs

Campervan Rental Norway FAQ's

What is the minimum age to rent a campervan in Finland

With McRent Finland the minimum age is 21 for the Urban, Compact, Family and Comfort campervan categories. For the Premium group, the minimum age is 25 years. If you enter your correct age, the booking system will only display the vehicles available for your selected age group.

Do I need a Special Driving Licence to hire a motorhome in Finland?.

As regards vehicle groups Urban, Compact, Family and Comfort, the renter must have been in possession of a category III or category B driving licence for at least one year.

Please note that vehicles in the Premium group have a weight in excess of 3.5 tons. This requires possession of a category III or category C/C1 driving licence held for at least 3 years

How Do I Book Extras?

Extras such as child seats or BBQ set may be added during the booking process, first select the vehicle, at which stage the system will display a list of optional extras available along with the price. To add an extra, simply tick the box beside the extra. All extras are optional, and you may also bring your own baby seats. If you are brining your dog, expect to pay a dog fee for the additional cleaning required. With McRent the dog fee is currently €135.00

Does Your Quote Include Insurance?

All quotes include insurance. However, It is normal for the insurance to have an excess and this is the amount you would be liable for should the vehicle be damaged. Most suppliers will offer additional insurance to either reduce the excess amount.

Can I change my booking?

Plans do change, for changes notified well in advance no charge will apply, however some changes can incur additional charges please contact us for further details. We always advise getting your flights confirmed first before booking your motorhome.

Which Suppliers offer campervan Rental in Norway?

Norway offers a range of first class Campervan rental companies, including :

  • McRent Norway - McRent started off in Germany and has now expanded across Europe. Within Norway, they have depots at  major entry points including Oslo, Bergen, Grimstad, Trondheim, Nordkjosbotn, Stavanger and Bjerkvik 
  • Touring Cars Norway.
  • Rent Easy Norway 

Should I book Motorhome Rental Norway Early?

Demand for campervan rental will always outstrip demand, it is too expensive an overhead for RV companies to have stock that hey can not hire during peak seasons. As such, we strongly advise booking as early as possible to increase your chances of getting the perfect caravan for your travel requirements. 

Does the price include Unlimited Miles?

All Norwegian RV rental hire companies offer unlimited miles or free miles as standard within the rental package. 

Locations in Norway
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