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Planning your first or next road trip to Nordkjosbotn, Norway will require that you rent the best value campervan that would make your journey convenient and memorable. 

For your next trip, we recommend that you look out for unlimited mileage in your campervan rental policy, as this would allow you to drive as many kilometres as you desire without being charged extra for it. 

Mcrent is one of the main campervan rental depots and rental companies in Nordkjosbotn that offer unlimited mileage for customer satisfaction (doesn't apply for specials). If you may want to learn more about Mcrent for your campervan hire Nordkjosbotn, read further.

About Mcrent Motorhome Suppliers for Campervan Hire Nordkjosbotn

Mcrent is a motorhome rental company with stations and depots in Japan, New Zealand and Europe. They have a range of campervan hire vehicles including vans, coachbuilt touring cars, fully-integrated motorhomes, overcabs, and semi-integrated campers.

Mcrent Motorhome rental in Norway alone, has stations in Bergen, Evenes, Oslo, Stavanger, Tonsberg, Trondheimand, and Nordkjosbotn. For your campervan hire in Nordkjosbotn, you can visit 13, Sentrumsveien 9040 Nordkjosbotn,  call +47 476 90 146 or send an email to [email protected]. In addition, Mcrent Campervan Hire Nordkjosbotn is 75 km away from the Tromsø airport. From time to time, they offer special discounts and long time rental bonuses that help subsidise rental rates.

At MCrent Nordkjosbotn, pick up times, drop off times and office hours during winter months and summer months are the same. For pick up, they operate from Mondays to Fridays (13:00 until 15:00) and drop off from Monday until Friday (09:00 until 11:00). Apart from Mcrent, there are also other campervan hire suppliers in Norway. To get the best deals for your campervan holiday, it is advisable to book your touring cars in advance.

Types of campervans to hire in Nordkjosbotn from McRent Norway for your Road tour

Mcrent has different groups of motorhome vehicles from small Urban Plus that is suitable for 2 to the larger motorhomes that can sleep 5. The main provider at Nordkjosbotn is McRent Norway that have depots in all key Norwegian destinations which make them perfect for one way rental

Urban Standard

An example of this class of motorhome is the CROSSCAMP model by Erwin Hymer group. It has four seats and four beds. It is 495 cm long, 220 cm wide and 199 cm high. Its total permissible weight is 2695 kg and it can take up to 4 people (without shower and WC).

Urban Plus

An example of this vehicle type is the Sunlight Cliff 600 with a capacity of four seats and two beds. It can take a maximum of two adults and one child. It has a length of 599 cm, width of 205 cm, height of 265 cm and total permissible weight of 3300 kg.

Urban Luxury

The Sunlight Cliff 601 is a vehicle type that falls under the urban luxury category of Mcrent motorhomes. With a length of 599 cm, a width of 205 cm and a height of 265 cm, this RV rental vehicles can take up to 3300 kg of permissible weight and a maximum of four travellers.

Compact Plus

The Globebus T 1 is a vehicle type that falls under this motorhome rental category. It has a length, width and height of 599 cm, 220 cm, and 281 cm respectively. Suitable for two adults and one child. Comes with four seats and two beds. It has a total permissible weight of 3499 kg. 

Compact Luxury

Mcrent motorhome rental agency also has other larger motorhomes like the compact luxury with length, width and height of 695 cm, 220 cm, and 281 cm respectively. 

Same total permissible weight as the compact plus but accommodates four seats and four beds. This campervan Hire category can take up to 4 adults.

Family Category 

The T 67 motorhome rental vehicle is a typical example of the family standard category. It is a semi-integrated vehicle with a total permissible weight of 3,500, a length of 735 cm, width 232 cm, and height of 290 cm. 

Other variants under the family campervan hire category at Mcrent include the family plus represented by Trend A 5887 motorhome, and the family luxury represented by the A 70 vehicle.

Comfort Category

The comfort campervan hire category has the comfort standard, the comfort plus, and the comfort luxury subcategories. A typical example of the comfort standard is the Pulse T 7051 EB. An example of the comfort plus is the Pulse T 7051 EB. The Sunlight I 69 L RV is an example of the comfort luxury. 

Comfort plus and comfort standard are semi-integrated motorhome rental vehicles with 3499 kg maximum permissible weight while the comfort luxury is a fully integrated campervan hire vehicle with 3500 kg total permissible weight.

Premium class

For the premium class, Mcrent has the premium standard, premium plus, and premium luxury. Premium standard and premium luxury are fully integrated campervan groups, but the premium plus is an overcab group motorhome rental vehicle. The premium category has the highest permissible weight and is the largest campervan hire category in terms of size.

Campsites around Nordkjosbotn

Some campsites around Nordkjosbotn includes Elveparken Nordkjosbotn, Olderelv Camping, LyngenTourist AS, Strandbu Camping, Boat & Leisure Olav Grønås, Wilderness Camp, Fjordbotn camping and many others. Ensure that you read reviews and compare the facilities of these campsites to find useful tips before opting for anyone.