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Compare Campervan Hire Tromso, Norway

The Tromsø region, also known as the Paris of the North, is situated in northern Norway and is popular for its cultural and historic landmarks, natural beauty and lively city life. These features make the region the dream destination of many tourists and lovers of nature and a campervan offers the flexibility and freedom needed to enjoy and explore the region to the fullest. For you who are looking for information on Campervan Hire Tromso, we've got some answers for you right here.

How to book the perfect campervan in Tromso

Start with Research

Do not commit to any online or physical rental company without carrying out proper research to identify reputable campervan rental companies.

Look through reviews, social media and varying sources to see the level of customer satisfaction previous users expressed. Also research camping sites, road trip routes as well as motorhome parking rules in the area.

Determine the necessary amenities you need in your camper vans

Next, choose a camper van vehicle that suits your unique needs and has the amenities that you'd like to have. Check the website to see if the camper van companies displayed details of every motorhome and campervan they have on their fleet.

Confirm Availability Before time 

It is advisable to book your tours, vehicles and every other thing you'll need for your trip in advance. This is because certain periods of the year like July to August are high peak seasons and Camper rental services as well as their pick off and drop off locations may have been fully booked by then.

Check licensing requirements 

To rent RVs or campervans in Norway, international tourists must possess a valid driver's licence. This licence should be translated into English or Norwegian by a certified translator.

Those with non-EU driving licences may also require an international driving licence. It is crucial for travellers to carefully review the terms and conditions of the rental company, specifically regarding licensing prerequisites.

Pick up your RV rental

After you've gone past all the necessary steps, you can proceed to get your campervan from the pickup or drop off location of your motorhome rental company. Rent Easy Norway or Touring Cars Tromso will give you details of your RV rental and how everything is required to work. Then, you'll be allowed to explore Tromsø on wheels.

Rental Agencies for Campervan Hire Tromso

If you're looking for some campervan rental companies in northern Norway, Tromso, you may want to check out the following:

Touring Cars Tromsø Norway - Bobilutleie

This is one of the RV (Recreational vehicle) rental companies in Norway with a range of campervan rental products and services in the Tromsø region. Their offers include getaway touring cars, active touring cars holidays, family travel touring cars holidays in Norway, Motorhome rental, adventures for family travellers from Tromso and many more.

Campervan Norway

Campervan Norway is one of the motorhome rental agencies in Tromso with different categories of campervans and motorhome products including motorhome cute, motorhome premium, campervan play, motorhome exquisite.

Arctic Campers Tromsø

Arctic Campers Tromsø is a camper van rental company very close to the Tromsø airport. They have both small mini campers (VW Caddy) and big camper Vans ( VW Crafter) designed to camp in Arctic conditions. 

Other RV dealers in Tromsø where you can find campervan deals for your trip include iCaravan AS, Riva Rent Tromsø, Europcar Tromso Aeroport etc.

Campsites in Tromso

Tromsø Lodge & Camping

This lodge and campsite is close to the buzzing city of Tromsø as well as its beautiful nature. Tromsø Lodge & Camping has 58 cabins spread across five major categories consisting of both small and large modern cabins for individuals, groups, teams, and families of different sizes. 

They offer superior cabin, deluxe cabin, traditional cabin, explorer cabin, tent, economy cabins, and caravans. Tromsø Lodge & Camping is 5 minutes away from the city's centre by car and has perks like free parking, free WiFi and year round service.

Elvelund Camping

This campsite is located in Sjøvegan, Troms, near a stream, a sandy beach and a sea. Elvelund Camping has a playground and visitors can rent cabins, hikers, and chalets. It also offers an environment for some recreational activities like swimming, windsurfing, snorkelling, kayaking, and waterskiing.

Other campsites for your first or next trip in your campervan hire tromso, include Skittenelv Camping, Fosselv Camping, Rotsundelv camping, Olderelv Camping, Gullesfjord Camping etc.

How much does Campervan Hire Tromso cost?

There's no fixed price for campervans in Tromsø because it depends on factors like the rental companies offer, the duration you'd like to pay for and the type of motor home you're opting for. Typically, cost for campervan hire in Tromso may range from £256.47 per day upwards.

Popular experiences during your campervan trip in Tromso 

As a Scandinavian country in Europe, Norway is surrounded by glaciers, mountains, deep coastal fjords and man-made structures that contribute to its beautiful landscape. The country is a great destination to explore both during summer and winter seasons because of the wealth of experiences and adventures it promises. 

You can choose to ski, or go for a snowshoe tour. You can also engage in whale watching or visit the fjord for some fishing trips. You can take advantage of your campervan hire Tromso trip to participate in Northern lights experiences. There's a number of activities you can enjoy including dog sledding, Sami cultural experiences, Snowmobile safari etc.

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