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Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is the main hub for visitors arriving into the country. It is a popular destination for a self-tour and motorhome is an ideal way to do this. Motorhome hire is available in the city centre and at the airport, and there are some great camper sites to stop at on your journey

Located in the South Central region, Lisbon is surrounded by water, historical towns and hills, and acts as a great base for self-exploration of the region. Motorhome hire in Lisbon is ideal for driving along the coast, into the hills of the interior and through lovely historical towns.

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Recommended camper car drives in Lisbon

Southwest tour:

This is a popular drive that takes you south along the Costa de Caparica coast, north through the Tejo Valley, and south along the Estirol Coast back to Lisbon. Spend a night along the Tejo River at Parque de Campismo de Escaroupim, the Praia da Saúde, or explore the coast from Campsite Peniche Praia.

The Costa de Caparica lays along the district of Sétubal and provides a wonderful relaxing atmosphere. Estirol is a smaller town with a particularly interesting past. It was known prominently for when it was used for spies due to the high level of sophistication during World War 2. It once held the Formula One, but ended when safety regulations were broken. The great part about Portugal is the relaxing atmosphere and great food, so why not take your RV on the easy roads and just relax as you wind along such a beautiful country? This is a great drive for beginners and experts 

Lisbon to Porto:

Take the less travelled route and head along the A1 highway rather than the coastal route. Witness the Conimbriga Ruins from Parque Munic de Campismo de Penecova and explore the city of Porto from Campsite Campidouro. The A1 runs from Lisbon to Porto and stops in cities like Coimbra, with the third largest urban centre. 

Coimbra is known for Roman architecture along the Mondego River. It has an 18th-century Botanical Garden at the University of Coimbra as well as the famous river beach Palheiros do Zorro. Porto, the final destination on the A1, is the second largest city in Portugal and is famous for exporting wine. It is best to relax over some world famous wine and learn about the 4th century town itself. UNESCO, knowing this, has made the city center a World Heritage Sight. Wander around the city to see Clérigos Church and the the 18th century Avenida dos Aliados .

Highway A6:

From Lisbon to Elvas at the Spanish border. Those with no time constraints can continue into Spain all the way to Madrid. Rest in camper sites such as Camping Alentejo or Parque de Campismo da Piedade, among others.The A6 in Portugal links Lisbon with Madrid and is often travelled by many people looking to explore this part of Europe. One place it stops in Portugal is Évora. Évora itself is famous for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Many famous sights include the Fountain of Portas de Moura built in 1556 and the Royal Palace of Évora built in 1497. Along the A6 one may also stop in Estremoz, a marble town, famous for producing several different colors of marble for building. Several different towns famous for marble, as Portugal is the 2nd largest producer, are along the A6. Another place you may find yourself in is the great Caia river along the Iberian Peninsula.

Tips on driving a campervan in Lisbon

Tips To Drive a Rental RV in Lisbon

Road network:

the road network around Lisbon is superb, with good roads with plenty of petrol stations and rest stops.

Speed limits:

Urban roads:50kph
Provincial roads:80-100kph
National roads and motorways:120kph

Alcohol limits:

0.5 per cent with expensive fines for those who ignore the law


The right-hand side is used for driving, and many roads use the toll system. Be cautious of dangerous local drivers

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We have a great selection of campervans for hire in Lisbon, ranging from budget to luxury. We will compare multiple Lisbon campervan hire suppliers side by side, after you enter your booking details into our booking engine below. We can also provide campervan hire at Faro and Porto in Portugal. 

What is the cost of Lisbon campervan hire? The answer depends on a number of factors. One major factor is time of year, the campervan rental companies will apply a higher tariff for high season months. This means if are after a bargain, take your holiday in the low season when rates are discounted. Next is the size of the campervan, the more berths, the more expensive. Next add in any extras that you need, for example GPS or child seats. On the positive, most suppliers will offer free miles for campervan hire in Portugal.