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Do you need to rent a camper for your upcoming holiday to South Africa? If you do decide on exploring South Africa in a motorhome or camping car, then please view and compare the options that we have available for South Africa campervan hire and choose the van that best suits your requirements.

campervan hire Soutth Africa

Filled with natural wonders, mountains, deserts, beaches and forests, South Africa is a terrific destination for a self-tour, and a camping car is a great way to do this.

South Africa is fast becoming a popular holiday destination and many come here to go on a self-exploration, visiting the national parks, the stunning coasts and ogling numerous exotic animals. It is filled with spectacular scenery and a motorhome holiday here is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Campervan Rental Providers, South Africa

All the big named brands are present, including Britz and Maui. In addition, South Africa also has its own local campervan rental companies that provide an excellent service. These include Caprivi and Bobo Campers South Africa and Explorer Safaris.  The result is a wide choice of campervans to choose from to match both your needs and budget.

  • Pick up/drop off location/s - Cape Town Airport, Durban Airport, Port Elizabeth, George, East London and Johannesburg Airport
  • Availability - Check here

Renting a Campervan in South Africa prices

The price of renting campervan for a week or longer is reasonable, but the actual price will depend on the category of campervan that you choose. A good range of 4x4 campervans exist, suitable for 2 or 4 adults. For larger groups, suppliers also offer a range of full size motorhomes. Take Bobo SA, for example, they can offer the Discoverer 4 berth and the Discoverer 6 berth, both with automatic transmission. 

What is the best time to rent a campervan in South Africa? 

For many the best time are the months of May to August, these are winter months in South Africa and also the best time to see wildlife. If you are coming to enjoy the beaches and scenery, then the summer months that from October to April are best.

Recommended Campervan Hire Drives in South Africa


Using Durban as a base, drive through the stunning hilly midlands to Royal Natal National Park, across the Battlefields to visit a game reserve and then to Zululand to relax on one of the coastal beaches. Rest in Bonamanzi Game Park or Dolphin Holiday Resort. Discovered by the Portugese on Christmas day, it still remains a breath of fresh air and a happy place for one to relax and enjoy picturesque scenes of nature and beaches. See the Valley of 1000 Hills and see mile after mile of sugar cane plantations and other farmers, hike around national parks, and see rugged landscapes. Or instead of walking, learn to scuba dive in Sodwana Bay which is one of the most popular dive sites in South Africa. Whatever you choose to get out of your experience in Africa, ZwaZulu-Natal will help provide it.

Desert drive:

From Upington to the Kalahari Desert and the famous Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, where you can see red dunes, grasslands and woodlands as well as lions, cheetahs and wildebeest. Make a stop at Augrabies Falls. Stay overnight at Kalahari Monte Lodge Caravan Park or Augrabies Falls Lodge & Camp. Augrabies Falls is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the beauty one can find in South Africa’s deserts and parks. This granited eroded, 240 m deep and 18 km long, waterfall is a wonderful and worth the trip on it’s own. Yet if water isn’t your thing, the Kalahari Desert will surely not leave you thirsting for a better photograph. This 900,000 square kilometre savannah will make you feel so small as you look across the barren land. It’ll truly help you appreciate your comfortable RV!

Free State:

This is one of South Africa’s least visited states. Using Bloemfontein as a base, drive through this semi-desert to attractions such as the Vredefort Dome and the Golden Gate Highlands Park. The adventurous can even explore Lesotho. Stay overnight at Golden Gate Highlands National Park, Mimosa Gardens Caravan Park and countless other sites. At this time, Lesotho is urged not to be visited, but for the adventurer – take a look at one of the politically changing countries in the world. For those wanting to play it safe but still have fun, Vredefort Dome 300 km wide crater from an impact 2 billion years ago! Now go from a deep crater to giant hills, Golden Gate Highlands 340 km squared of awesome limestone cliffs and Afromontane forests!

Safe Driving a rental RV in South Africa

Road network:

The road system is excellent and there are plenty of places to refuel.

Speed limits:

Urban roads:60kph
Provincial roads:80-100kph
National roads and motorways:100kph

Alcohol limits:

0.5 per cent, with modest fines for lawbreakers.


Drive on the left and be cautious of wild animals, cyclists and locals who ignore the speed limit. Using a mobile phone while driving is illegal

All campsites in South Africa are of a high standard of campsites and are also competitively priced. For safety, recommend that our customers spend every night in a campsite

South African Weather Overview

Being surrounded on three sides by ocean gives South Africa a predominately temperate climate. Its varied elevations and its location in the Southern Hemisphere have a lot to do with the country’s climate, which ranges from extreme desert in the northwest to subtropical near Nelspruit and the Kruger National Park, and along the coast of the Indian Ocean. In cities in the southwest corner of the country, such as Cape Town, the climate is not unlike that of cities with a Mediterranean climate, with wet winters and dry summers. The central region of the country, which is where Johannesburg is located, experiences hot and wet summers, and sunny and cold winters.

Compare Camping Van Hire in South Africa

RVRentaCampervan gathered the best rates on Luxury recreational vehicles hire in South Africa, available from major cities throughout the country including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Bloemfontein as well as others. A wide selection of 4×4 camping vans are on offer, include Vista, Land Rover, Adventurer, Maui, Hilux and Fortuner.

As well as the traditional bush campervans we can also offer 4×4 jeeps with roof tents for the true outdoor experience with our partner Bobo Campers. The 4×4 range of vehicles are equipped with all you would expect in a typical motorhome.

If you wish to continue your campervan journey, you can always count on RVRentaCampervan for the best motorhome rental deals. Book a camper hire in Florida, to begin your USA road trip. You may also visit Australia, the United Kingdom, or New Zealand.  Apply the filter to the search result to compare only the campervan rental categories that match your requirements.