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Spain is a diverse country and with its expansive road network, it is easy to explore by hiring a campervan. The country is well known for its friendly locals and relaxed lifestyle. We can offer a wide choice of camper vans with the VW T4 California Exclusive Westfalia Camper with toilet always in high demand and great for touring Andalusia and other regions of Spain. The VW is available with Camper Bug in Malaga

If you are doing a self-drive tour, there are numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites to stop at along the way. The vibrant cities offer visitors all-night parties, colourful festivals and upmarket restaurants. Using motorhome hire in Spain, you can visit cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Granada. The landscape includes beaches, snowy mountains and marshes.

We have been helping customers book Spanish campervanning holidays for many years, during which time we have gained valuable experience in this field. This experience is passed on to you the customer ensuring that you get a van that meets with your travel requirements at an affordable price.

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RV Rent A Campervan have exclusive deals with the best campervan rental companies in Spain. Picking up a campervan rental from Barcelona is a favorite option, but we can provide rental throughout Spain. When you enter your travel dates into the booking engine you will be presented with all the available options. We recommend using the filter on the left hand side to whittle down your choice based on your actual needs. We have a great range of campers from budget and economical to luxury multi berth.

One Way Hire Spain

One way campervan hire in Europe and in particular Spain is always a popular choice. However, please take into account any one way fees that may be added. The fee will to an extent depend on the distance between the two proposed locations and works out roughly 1 Euro per kilometer.

Campervan Hire Spain

Recommended Campervanning Drives in Spain

The Top Campervan trips in Spain include some well known location that are memorizing in their unique beauty and charm. You can choose by climate with semi tropical in the north west or arid and Mediterranean for most of the other sections of the nation along with attractions with are scattered across the Iberian peninsula.

Granada to Sierra Nevadas:

This drive takes 1 hour and highlights along the way include Arabic villages and historical sites. During winter, it is possible to enjoy activities such as snowboarding and skiing. On your wonderful journey it’s hard not marvel at Mulhacén, the highest point in all of Spain at 3,478 meters high. This monstrous mountain is known for it’s incredible climb to the top, but only done by those who are experienced as it has seen several deaths throughout the year, most recently in 2006. 

You also have Alcazaba, a massive mountain known for it’s Mountain huts that are famous as a retreat for those wanting to get away for a bit. One can even stay in a cave with 20 other climbers! Finally, among a million other activities, you have the Sierra Nevada Ski Station. With over 100 km of skiing, it’s no wonder this is a top destination in Southern Spain for sport enthusiasts.

Malaga to Granada:

The route goes through Ronda and Rio Guadalevin, exploring Muslim historical sites along the way. El Tajo Gorgeis a good place to stop and enjoy the view. Stay over at one of Granada’s camping sites so that you have more time to explore the region. . Malaga is the birthplace of Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. It’s no wonder a famous artist has come from this amazing place, with its Mediterranean climate and relaxed atmosphere, it’s a top destination for anyone wanting a holiday.

For a place a little less touristy but still equally as amazing, see Ronda. Ronda is a city with the famous Puente Nuevo, a 100 meter bridge built in 1793 that cascades over a picturesque gorge. Rio Guadalevin being the last on our list, among a million other places, is a beautiful river with some of the only marshland at the Costa del Sol.

Madrid to Seville:

This drive will take you past Toledo, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This historic town is a must-see and from here, there are views over the Tagus River. There are camping sites near Seville where you can spend the night. When people think of Spain, they think of Madrid. With good reasoning, this artful city is a top destination around the world for travelers. This city needs no introduction and can satisfy anyone for anything they crave. Don’t forget to see the amazing Gaudí architecture in Madrid! Toledo, on your journey, hosts a beautiful castle with breathtaking views sure to satisfy anyone on a journey through Spain. 

Finally, you will reach Seville. Picturesque and astonishing, don’t forget to see the beautiful Cathedral of Seville – the third largest cathedral in the world. Also, sixteenth century Casa de Pilatos, said to be one of the prettiest palaces in the city.

Madrid to Alhambrao Seville:

The Madrid to Alhambra adventure begins in the Spanish capital and winds up at one of the most famous Moorish fortresses from a past empire. This trip begins by heading south out of Madrid with a stop in Manzanares where the historical Bodegas Manchego-Africanas is located. Next pass by the Parque Natrual de la Sierra de Angujar for natural beauty on your way to Cordoba before heading south to Cabra where the famous spaghetti westerns were shot which includes Clint Eastwood films before heading east to Alhambra and its hilltop fortress.

For camping in the city of Alhambra there is the Camping Hotel Sierra Nevada. The natural setting pitches have electricity and water and there is launderettes and restrooms on site. 

Madrid to Gibraltar:

The Madrid to Gibraltar road trip will take you through country conquered by the Romans, the Moors and the British. By heading west out of Madrid the first stop is Caceres with Rome cobblestone streets and Renaissance buildings encircled by a 12th century Moorish wall. Next stop is Seville where the tomb of Christopher Columbus is located. The final destination is then on the peninsula and it not part of Spain, Gibraltar. 

While there is no campgrounds in Gibraltar, there is a location just north of the border called Camping Sureuropa. There are tree lined pitches with electrical outlets and hot and cold water along with restrooms. Its location has the Mediterranean Sea just east of your campsite.

Barcelona to Oviedo:

Barcelona to Oviedo takes you across the northern part of Spain. By starting out in the Catalonia capital you will find all the modern conveniences of a metropolitan city similar to California. Heading west you will enter Lleida with is Gothic- Roman cathedrals mixed in the ruins of the hilltop fortress. Further west is Zaragoza with its mixture of Gothic and Moorish architecture. Next is the de facto capital of the Basque region is Billao which is a modern port city on the coast. Following the coast west to Gijon then south to your final destination is Oviedo. Its location is between the mountains and the Bay of Biscay. There you will find an old medieval town along with the 9th century Holy Chamber.

To camp there is the Camping El Molino near the beach in Banugues just north of Oviedo. They have electrical, water and sewage services. On site are restrooms, launderette, showers, restaurant, food store and bar. 

Barcelona to Malaga:

Barcelona to Malaga trip is one that will take you down the east coast of Spain. Along the way you will pass through Valencia and Murcia before reaching Malaga. Each of these cities are modern with historical sites and museums in them like the Picasso Museum in Malaga and the 18th century Palacio Episcopal in Murcia. Along the coast on your route are numerous villages and beaches to spend a meal at. 

A great campsite in Valencia is the Camping Valencia Coll Vert which is on the Pinedo Beach that has electrical and water hookups along with restrooms, restaurants and a store. 

Just east of Murcia is Camper Park Casablanca Murcia half way between Murcia and the beaches. There are water and electrical hookups with restrooms, showers, launderette and store on site.

Just south of Malaga is the Camping Torremolinos has electrical and water hookups with showers, restrooms and launderette on site. There is also a restaurant that has eat in or delivery to your pitch.

The Spanish Climate

Spain’s climate is different in each region of the country, with central Spain having a continental climate, the northwest coast having an oceanic climate and the southeast having a semiarid climate. This means that in January, when it is raining and cold in Bilbao, it is warm and dry in Murcia

The Pyrenees Mountain region has its own alpine climate, while Spanish islands like the Canary Islands experience a subtropical climate, making them warm and sunny year round. Hot weather can be expected throughout the country between April and October, while winter snowfall is usually only seen in the mountains.

✰ Road network:

The road network stretches across 300,000kms of the country and there are numerous toll roads which have minimal traffic and are kept in top condition. Secondary roads may become congested and some have potholes. It is easy to find places to refuel.

✰ Speed limits:

Urban roads:50kph


Provincial roads:100kph

✰ Alcohol limits:

The blood alcohol level of a driver must not exceed 0.05 per cent and this drops to 0.03 per cent for drivers who do not have at least two years of experience. This law is strictly enforced and penalties include fines or jail sentences.

✰ Safety:

Programming GPS devices while driving is banned and mobile phones can only be used while driving with a hands-fee kit. It is compulsory to carry a warning triangle, a spare tire and a reflective jacket. Drivers and passengers are required by law to wear a seatbelt.

How much does it costs to rent a motorhome in Spain?

The cost of Spanish campervan rental depends on a number of factors. On that is often overlooked is the time of the year high season summer months carry a higher tariff than say the winter months. If your dates are not fixed try entering different start and end dates to see if you can find a better price by going at a different time of the year.  

That aside the big factor is the size of the campervan. Small campervans can work out fairly cheap and in most cases much cheaper than local hotels. However as you move into the larger 4 and 6 berth campervans these get more expensive plus it costs more to cover the same number of miles. Each supplier have similar models but the specifications do differ as do the prices. That is why it is a good idea to use comparative sites like us so you can quickly compare rate and availability.

Compare motorhome Hire Spain

There are a range of motorhomes rental in Spain available including the Big Sky, the Compact Plus Globebus and the Compact Luxury Globebus. These vehicles are available from various points throughout the country including Madrid Airport, Barcelona, Granada and Bilbao. Use our site to choose the vehicle which best suits your needs.

Use our booking engine below to compare the costs of RV rental in Spain with top suppliers. We can offer camping van rental at key entry points in Spain, including the Spanish resorts of Madrid and Alicante. Check out any specials deals by clicking/tapping below.

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