Amazing Deals on Campervan Hire Lugo, Spain

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Great Deals on Campervan Hire Lugo, Spain

Lugo RV Rental will enable you to explore this region of Spain in with unrestricted freedom and style. Renting a campervan hire in Lugo is the key to unlocking Galicia's wild beauty at your own pace. Imagine waking up to misty mountain vistas, feasting on fresh seafood by hidden coves, and stargazing from atop ancient Roman walls – all from the cosy comfort of a luxury campervan.  We compare deals from major brands so you can easily find the perfect vehicle for your next road trip, some providers also offer instance confirmation for advance bookings.

We are dedicated to comparing Campervan hire Spain deals from major motorhome rental companies so you can easily find the perfect vehicle for your next road trip, some providers also offer instance confirmation for advance bookings.

A road tour in a fascinating environment like Lugo is considered worthwhile. Lugo, an excellent starting point for your camping activities, is situated in the northwest of Spain, in the heart of Galicia. With many ruins from the Roman civilization to enrich its historical heritage, it is a small, charming town with sufficient scenery for visitors.

The Roman walls of Lugo, a UNESCO World Heritage site, are a well-preserved example of Lugo's beauty. The wall surrounds the city such that you can take a scenic walk around it or enjoy a wide outlook from one of the 85 towers of the wall. 

Setting up your campsite in this old town with quiet pedestrian streets, large gardens, and awesome restaurants allows you a peaceful retreat within the naturalistic view of the area.

Mcrent Campervan Rental in Lugo

Mcrent Motorhome Rentals has a campervan hire station at Lugo located at Viaja Seguro SL, Este. Vella de Santiago N-540 km 4, 27210, Spain. It is 90 km away from the nearest airport, Corūna Airport. On time basis, Mcrent is about 120 minutes from the airport, depending on the means of transport used. Once at McRent, you will receive perks like unlimited kilometres —a plus for exploring the beautiful environment of Lugo. Campervans also have features like air conditioning in the driver's cabin, a heater, an awning, gas bottles, and comprehensive cover insurance.

Mcrent, like other motorhome rental services, has stations in other places like Madrid, Corūna, Barcelona, and neigbouring countries including McRent Germany and McRent Norway, alongside other top brands.   

What you need to know about travelling in Lugo

The weather

One of the things worth considering during your preparation for a trip is the climate condition of the area. July is the warmest month of the year in Lugo, with average temperatures reaching 28°C. However, the coldest month is January, with an average temperature reaching 1°C. If you're looking to experience less rainfall during your visit, July is one of the best times to visit Lugo. On the other hand, Lugo gets more rainfall in October.

Summer is the peak tourist season for visitors, and while the weather will be generally warm, it can be busier than other times of the year. If you want a relatively mild temperature with a quieter atmosphere, winter is a rewarding time for your vacation in Lugo.

Places to visit in Lugo 

While the Roman walls are the biggest historic piece of admiration in Lugo, there are other interesting places with wonderful scenery to spice up your experience. There is the Museo Provincial de Lugo, which showcases the history, archaeology and art of Lugo. Additionally, it exhibits other arts that are related to the Roman period. You can also visit beautiful places like Ciudad Vieja in A Corūna, about one hour drive from Lugo. Ciudad Vieja has an authentic, charming atmosphere that is welcoming to tourists. Having your campervan tour in Lugo is an ideal option because it allows you to enjoy the natural beauty and authentic landscapes.

Campervan & RV Rental Lugo FAQ's

What is the minium age to rent a campervan in Lugo?

We work with McRent at Lugo in Spain and the minimum age to rent and drive any of their campervans is 25. 

  • McRent Spain and the minimum age 25

Does the cost of campervan hire come include unlimited mileage

Yes, We have partnered with McRent Spain at Lugo and unlimited miles is included in the price. 

Does the lead driver need a credit card?

Yes, all suppliers make it a condition of rental that the lead driver must have a valid credit card in their name for the local security deposit

How old are the campervans

This will depend on the motorhome rental company, In Lugo we work with McRent Spain and all campervans will be under 3 years old.

How much does it cost to rent a campervan?

The cost of hiring a campervan in Lugo can vary depending on season and campervan size, but for a small campervan that can sleep 2-3 expect to pay in the region of  €50-€100 per day

Is a special (heavy vehicle) HT Licence Required?

No special licence required, Avis will accept your standard driving licence. 

Is Lugo, Campervan Friendly?

Yes, Lugo is definitely campervan friendly!

Is wild camping permitted in this region of Spain? 

Unfortunately, wild camping is generally not permitted in Lugo, as is the case in most of Spain. There are strict regulations in place to protect the natural environment and wildlife, and camping outside designated areas is considered illegal.