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Valencia is a port city overlooking the Mediterranean sea, where a vibrant culture coexists with peaceful natural attractions. It’s where you can find exquisite hiking trails in wetlands, beaches and mountains, all in one region! It’s an area filled with captivating man-made features such as (interactive) museums, planetariums and art galleries. Its architecture is marked with Romanesque structures while maintaining a modern flare to them: symbolic of how innovative the city is, while still cherishing its heritage. 

Valencia is Spain’s 3rd largest city— meaning that the area is spacious and loaded with attractions. If you want control over your itinerary, to explore the city at your own privacy and pace: try using a campervan from our rental services. Through our RVs, you can get access to more national parks and quiet landscapes around the outskirts of Valencia. Below, we’ve suggested a few scenic areas to cruise around, so that you can make the most of your trip!

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Carrer de l'Oller 2, Valencia , Spain

Valencian Coastlines Motorhome Rental Road Trips

Spain has mild weather but still offers you seasonal contrasts. If you decide to trip during the quieter months of winter, it would not affect the charm coastlines have. There are picturesque coast roads in Valencia that give you close access to beaches as a pit stop: ideal for campers looking to relax. Keep in mind that beaches here are diverse from its physical make-up, to what people decide to recreationally use them for.

El Saler

El Saler is tucked in the heart of the La Albufera natural reserve, where a bustling city meets a quiet wetland. Marvel at large pinewoods that pose as a gateway to the golden sands and seaside. This isolated beach is actually a 10-minute drive from the city centre, offering public restrooms and an array of restaurants serving rice dishes. We recommend trying the famous paella Valencia, a staple food of the region mastered by local chefs. El Saler is popular for water sports, so windsurfing and swimming is ideal. 

El Saler

Take a 20 minute drive up north around the Valencian outskirts to Port Saplaya. It translates to ‘Little Venice’ and we can see why. This neighbourhood has ports surrounding its marina which is visually similar to Portofino, Italy. The brown sands juxtapose colourful houses and shops resting nearby. Port Saplaya is a visually enchanting place with so much to do. There’s free parking along the street, making it a great opportunity to hop out of your campervan and explore. Ride a bike, dine in local restaurants, stop by the Central Market of Valencia for a shopping splurge.


12 km south to the city is Albufera, a freshwater lagoon with a sand barrier separating the area from the Mediterranean Sea. The lake streams through pine forests and rice fields of local agriculturalists, making it a highlight of your journey. If you’re travelling with a few people, we recommend kayaking for an adrenaline boost! 

Valencian Man-Made Attractions 

The city appeals to travellers interested in architecture and history: it helps us attain a better understanding of Valencian culture and heritage! Welcoming many intellectuals and artists, Valencia is constantly hosting outdoor venues, opening doors to museums and churches for people to learn from. Here are a selected few!

Valencia Cathedral

Its doors have been open since 1262, but it took centuries for construction to be complete. And you can see why. From its gates to its dome ceiling, the Baroque-Gothic architecture is meticulous, huge and studded with important 13th century art. Catholic-identifying or not, campers might enjoy being in the heart of religious mysticism, a movement that has built ancient-day Spain. Nearby, there’s el Micalet, a landmark and bell tower built in the 13th century. The 2 sites are located in Valencia’s old town district, Ciutat Vella.

The City of Arts and Sciences

This cultural complex is part of the ‘12 Treasures of Spain’ and one of the most important destinations for modern tourism. Designed by Santiago Calatrava, the building’s concept is made to look like ribs: giving a futurist edge to it, with its glass interior and geometrical shapes. Inside consists of interactive art / science installations, the largest aquarium of Europe, a cinema and museum. You can spend hours admiring the site!

Campervan Parking and Overnight Camping Grounds

It is recommended that you park in campgrounds as overnight camping is illegal on public roads. There are many campervan parks you can pick, scattered across the city, to your liking. Please note that not all places are the same: ambience and services will vary between sites.


A campsite up north, in Costa de Azahar, is Bravoplaya: a landscaped campsite suitable for family units and solo travellers. If you’re interested in ‘glamping’, try booking a place here! On top of basic features such as showers, this campsite also features a disco, pools and a ‘foam party’ on Thursdays.

Valencia Camper Park

Affordable, pet-friendly and close to the city centre, Valencia Camper Park is hospital and filled with raving reviews. This campsite is suitable for all ages.