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Bristol, one of England’s top tourist destinations, hosts numerous festivals during the summer, such as the lively Bristol Harbour Festival. The vibrant nightlife here provides a range of entertainment options for tourists, from clubs to wine bars. Attractions include the Blue Reef Aquarium, the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

Hiring a luxury fitted motorhome is a popular way to see the surrounding countryside and explore a range of attractions. It is easy to get around the city using your own vehicle, but Bristol adheres to a one-way system, so plan your route in advance. Parking consists of street parking as well as parking lots, with Queen Square offering city centre parking.

RV Rental Driving Bristol

Bristol to Bath:

This journey will take you 30 minutes. Once you are in historic Bath, you can visit the city’s numerous attractions. Do not miss the famous Roman Baths where there is a spa where you can spend the day relaxing before you drive back to overnight in Bristol. Alternatively, spend the night at a camper site in Bath.

Bristol to Portsmouth:

This drive takes 3 hours and you can stop along the way at Stonehenge. Once you are in Portsmouth, attractions include the D-Day Museum and the Blue Reef Aquarium. Camper sites can be found in Woodmancott and Littleton.

Bristol to Gloucester:

The distance of this journey is 83kms and the scenery along the way includes green plains and rivers. Highlights of Gloucester include Berkeley Castle and canals. Camping facilities can be found in Dursley and Stroud.

RV Driving in Bristol

Road network:

The roads are in good condition and provide access to most areas of the city. Clear signposting makes it easy to reach your destination in Bristol. Petrol stations are abundant.

Speed limits:

Urban areas:58kph
Secondary roads:98kph

Alcohol limits:

It is illegal for drivers to have a blood alcohol level which exceeds 0.08 per cent.


Keep to the left-hand side of the road and overtake on the right. Children younger than 12 are not permitted to sit in the front.

Cost of fuel:

The fuel cost in Bristol like all of the is very high. It will also be expensive due to government taxes so drive smoothly and within speed limits and reduce your fuel bill

Compare Motorhome Hire Bristol

Plan your trip before you depart by browsing mobile home hiring options online. Customers can choose between models such as the VW City Slicker, the Chausson Touring Van the Bessacar Motorhome. Bristol city centre and the Airport are both pick-up points.

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