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Last Update March 2023 by RVRentaCampervan Editorial Team

Luton London Airport is well serviced with Campervan and Motorhome rental services, The best known local provider is Just Go Motorhomes UK, but other big names that include Spaceships and Apollo are also represented. Just Go Motorhomes provide also provide rental service to if you are arriving in Stanstead Airport or Gatwick airports, in additional to Heathrow Airport and locations near Heathrow.

Luton comes alive during the Luton International Carnival in May with the bright colours of costumes and spectacular performances, attracting tourists from across the globe. Situated in the southeast of England, just 50kms from London, the city is best discovered with the freedom of a self contained touring van.

With your Luton Campervan rental you can visit the city’s museums, which provide insight into the region’s history, including the Victorian period and the World Wars. The excellent road network connects the city to other sites of interest, such as Milton Keynes. With motorhome rental in Luton, it is easy to get to your next destination. There are plenty of camping models to choose between, and camper site amenities are adequate.

RVRentaCampervan is committed to handling your booking flawlessly, we will also be there should you need extra assistance at any time and in any language. RVRentaCampervan leading the way in camper van rentals.

Luton Motorhome Rental Suppliers include:

Rokin Vans
Amber-Leisure campervans uk
SpaceShips UK
Just Go
Luton RV Rentals

Campervan Trips Luton

Luton to London:

The distance between London and Luton is around 50kms. The road is in good condition and once you are in London, you can visit sites such as Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and Trafalgar Square. Barnet and Chalfont St Peter have adequate camping facilities. London is where it truly all happens, everything around England is actually centred around the city of London. Although the drive on the M1 to get from Luton to London may seem slightly entertaining, even if it is only an hour and a half, the real prize is at the end of the road. The abundance of different activities that take place in London is endless. Stop and see the River Thames while enjoying the view of the London Eye. Enjoy the history that London provides and get lost in little backstreets with years of history, dating back many different kings and queens.

Luton to Dunstable:

Dunstable is accessible via the M1 motorway and A11 junction. Once you are in the town, you can visit the Grove Theatre, the Heritage Centre and the Quadrant Shopping Centre. Camper sites and RV parks are available in Dunstable and Luton. Many people who visit Dunstable will see the Priory Church, built in 1132, and is the famous site where Henry VII divorced his first wife. After that, they will move on to Eleanor’s Cross, a famous spot for the funeral procession of Queen Eleanor of Castile. If you get a chance, see the great view from the Dunstable Hill or the famous Grove Theatre. It’s a small city and is perfect for a day trip, so don’t expect to spend the week there. However, it does offer a small town feel with good transportation that most people love to have, where they can experience a true English city and get to know the area quite easily.

Luton to Bedford:

This drive is only 20kms, which makes Bedford ideal for a day trip. It’s also an easy drive along the A6 as well. Highlights of Bedford include Bunyan Museum, Castle Mount and St Peter’s Church. Stevington and Ridgemont offer camper and camping van sites for overnight stays. The John Bunyan Museum is famous for the works of the man with the same name, who was a Christian writer and preacher who wrote the Pilgrim’s Progress. Bedford itself has a history dating back over 900 years and features many popular places like The Higgins Bedford Museum, so don’t be afraid to get lost because you never know what you might discover along the way! If you get a chance, and it’s a nice day, rent a boat on the water and enjoy the view. Luckily, in such a small city, a lot of the places can be walked.

Driving in Luton, UK

Road network:

Motorways, secondary roads and back roads offer routes to Luton. Once you are in the city, the roads are in good condition and if you are using a GPS device, it easy to find tourist attractions and petrol stations.

Speed limits:

Urban areas:58kph
Single carriageways:98kph

Alcohol limits:

The blood alcohol limit for drivers is strictly enforced and drivers are strongly advised to ensure that they do not exceed the limit of 0.08 per cent.


Infants must be secured in a baby seat. It is illegal to talk on a mobile phone while driving unless your vehicle is equipped with a hands-free kit.

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Compare vehicle models online to find the model that best suits your needs. The Eldis Autoquest, the 2 Berth R200 camping car and the Bessacer E435 are available to rent. Camping Vans can be booked with us for collection at London Luton Airport and the city centre.

We can offer a wide choice of Luton campervan rental from leading suppliers that include Just Go Motorhomes UK, Amber Leisure Luton and Camper Rents. Choose from a selection of motorhomes that start with small camping cars courtesy of Spaceships UK and a wider range of mid size campers with 4 berth and 6 berth luxury motorhomes available for hire.  

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