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The USA offers tourists cosmopolitan cities, sprawling residential areas and remote natural beauty. The large country has holiday destinations to suit a wide range of travellers; sun lovers can head to the beaches in California while the best place to dance the night away is New York City or Las Vegas.

If you rent a RV, you can plan your trip to incorporate your favourite destinations and travel around at your own pace. The country is known for its good network of roads but traffic can become congested in city centres. We recommend checking for any closures before planning your holiday route and during your trip with the Federal Highway Division. In addition we have also compiled a list of Top 5 Scenic Campervan Routes in USA in our blog section.

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For longer RV rentals normally 2 weeks you may purchase unlimited mileage from most rv rental locations. Unlimited miles can be a very cost effective option if you plan to tour rather than stay in one or two places. Most suppliers will offer free miles ranging from from 0 to 125 miles per day. In Alaska we include unlimited mileage or offer unlimited mileage at an extra discounted daily rate. Spend some time to estimate the mileage and then prepay for any additional miles above the cap which is normally set at 150 km per day.

Campervan Hire USA

Campervan Hire Drives USA

Blue Ridge Parkway:

This route is 754kms long and winds through the Appalachian Mountains and national parks. Camper sites are available in Shenandoah National Park and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The views are magnificent and there are many activities to enjoy along the way. The best time to do this drive is during autumn. . No USA travel journey is complete without the journey down the Blue Ridge Parkway, stopping along the way to see 469 miles of true north american beauty. From mountain views and quiet lakes to small towns with strong Native American backgrounds, this is a must see. See the Peaks of Otter Visitor Center museum for an indepth look at the culture of the native americans. See tools and weaponry used centuries ago. Explore over 2000 species of fungi in some of the many national parks, all of which is in thriving forest with hundreds of different creatures living in them. This road is a photographers dream and not to be missed.

Highway 101:

Follow the Pacific coastline along cliff tops and seashores. Coastal towns such as Carmel and Laguna Beach are good stopover points and there are camping facilities available. The Pacific Coast highway, otherwise known as 101, is one of the most well known highways in all of North America. It’s sheer distance alone takes it through a variety of different landscapes. Stretching from the lush green north of California to the extremely hot and desert barren land of southern California, it can seem as though someone drove across a whole continent in just under a day. With Los Angeles being one of the most visited places in the world to see Hollywood stars, also the gigantic Golden Gate bridge of San Francisco, to the beautiful beaches of San Diego you will realize there is no shortage of things to do on your journey. Take it slow because there’s many hidden gems along this journey.

Highway 12:

This spectacular drive will take you past red canyons and sandstone formations. Lakes add to the scenery and you can stop over at national parks along the way. Camping facilities providing comfortable stop over points to visitors are available in Rodanthe and Hatteras. North Carolina’s highway 12 is famous for its wonderful cities such as Halifax and Rodanthe. However, for those not interested in city life, head into the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge. This 13 miles (21 km) long wildlife refuge is home to hundreds of animals. A high percentage of these animals are actually endangered. One with a camera may even get a chance to glimpse at some species that need to be saved, promoting awareness of such beautiful creatures. A popular other past time of this area is beach combing!

USA Driving Information

Road network:
There is an extensive interstate system which provides access to most regions in the country. There are few toll roads and the interstate roads have rest areas equipped with toilets, parking, petrol stations and picnic facilities.

Speed limits:
Speed limits vary according to the laws of different states.

Rural freeway:112kph
Urban freeway:96kph
Urban residential:40kph

Alcohol limits:
0.08 per cent, penalties include fines and prison sentences.

Laws in the different US states are similar but specific rules may differ from state to state. To ensure that you are not violating local regulations, check state-specific regulations before your holiday. It is compulsory to wear a seatbelt in most states. The AAA helps drivers to stay safe and provides tourists with free maps.

USA Weather Overview with Map

The climate in the USA varies dramatically according to latitude, with the west coast divided between marine and Mediterranean climates, and the east coast experiencing a humid continental to a humid subtropical climate from north to south. So when Florida is basking in dry, sunny winter weather, major cities north, such as New York, may be shrouded in snow. Much of the southwest has a semi-arid or desert climate, including Las Vegas, while the Midwest is prone to tornadoes. Snowstorms can affect northern areas and tropical cyclones can impact southern areas like New Orleans. In general, the weather is at it’s finest across much of the country from late spring to early autumn.

Compare Campervan Hire USA

With a range of pick-up sites, such as New York City, Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Las Vegas, San Diego and Orlando, it is easy to get around when you rent a campervan. Options include the C22 Class 2 Camper Van, the AF34 luxury Class A Touring Van and the CS30 Class C recreational vehicle.

RVRentaCampervan is able to offer budget rates and limited special offers with PURE RV USA and El Monte RV Rentals  and we are adding new MotorHome suppliers on a regular basis.

If you decide on touring the US please take a few minutes to get a quote for USA RV hire and compare prices of all the top RV suppliers in America.

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