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Having the highest elevation in the country, Colorado is famous for its ski resorts, sand dunes, wineries and national parks, with self-drive the most enjoyable way to tour the state. Renting a fully equipped recreational vehicle is the best way to do this, with ample comfortable camping sites along the way.

Self-driving by camper car is a fantastic way to explore all of the stunning landscapes, national monuments and historic sites in this beautiful, mountainous state. There is a great range of Vehicles to choose from, and roads are well equipped with amenities for this popular mode of transport.

Campervan rental Colorado is available from all key locations with Colorado, including Denver. Compass Denver can offer a wide range of campervans including the Budget and popular C Class. Other campervan rental Colorado names include El Monte RV and Mighty campers.

RV rental Colorado

Recommended Campervan Rental Colorado Drives

Santa Fe National Historic Trail:

from Trinidad to Holly, along this historical route. Visit the Spanish Peaks, witness Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site and pass through the Big Timbers woods. Along the way, rest at Trinidad Lake State Park and Lamar Sportsman’s Campground.

Million Dollar Highway:

is a scenic route through the San Juan Mountains. Starting in Montrose, drive south along Highway 550 and enjoy the spectacular scenery through the national park while en route to Durango. Those with more time to explore can continue south into New Mexico. While on this route, stop at Silver Summit Resort Park and Unlimited Campground.

Denver to Pueblo:

is a scenic drive through the middle of the state. Drive through Pike’s National Forest, witness the amazing Garden of the Gods, see the impressive Royal Gorge and end the drive at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. There are plenty of campsites along the way, such as Dakota Ridge Park, Golden Eagle Ranch camper Park and Campground and Mountain View RV Resort.

Campervan Rental Colorado : Driving Tips

Road network:

an excellent road network serves the state, with routes passing though the state’s mountains, forests and city centres. Petrol stations can be found along all main routes.

Speed limits:

Urban roads: 20 to 35mphProvincial roads: 55 to 65mphNational roads and motorways: 65 to 75mph

Alcohol limits:

0.08 per cent; fines and possible imprisonment for law-breakers.


driving is on the right; roads are in good shape, although caution should be taken in the winter when on small mountain roads.

Cost of fuel:

significantly below European prices.

Compare Campervan Rental Colorado

Holiday camping vans are available at Colorado International Airport and in all major Colorado cities, with the best selection in Denver. RVs are available for two all the way up to eight people, with a complete range of budget-friendly models including the MRT Freedom Elite and other Class C vehicles. Enter your travel dates into the booking engine to start comparing the costs of campervan rental Colorado today.