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Los Angeles is an entertainment hub providing visitors with interesting attractions, sophisticated restaurants and all-night parties. It is well known for its many shopping malls and entire districts downtown which specialise in specific products. For the outdoor enthusiast, there is Griffith Park, which offers hiking trails, picnic spots and breathtaking views of the city. There are also many activities for children, such as train and pony rides. Mulholland Drive, famous for many movie settings, provides panoramic views of the city. Worth visiting is the Museum of Tolerance, which features several exhibits exploring tolerance among humans.

Los Angeles is the gateway to California the third largest state in the US. Venture into the Mojave desert or follow route 66. Being suchs a popular campervabn rental destination brings with a great choice of 18 campervan rentals suppliers. These suppliers can offer budget camping vans mid size budget campers and luxury campers with as many as 6 berths. Campervan hire Los angeles will be the ideal option a for a family holiday or a short weekend expedition.

RVRentaCampervan’s customers receive the best in price and the best in customer services, book today we will not disappoint. With your own RV rental in Los Angeles, you can make sure you see a range of attractions within the city and the surrounding areas.

Campervan Hire Los Angeles

Motorhome Hire Los Angeles Tours

Los Angeles to San Diego:
You have generally two options for getting from LA to San Diego. You can take I-5 straight down the middle or the scenic route and go down the coast road. I5 takes around 2 hours when there is no traffic but when the roads become congested, it can take up to 4 hours. This is a notoriously well traveled drive in California, one can even follow cars the entire way to San Diego! Most of the time on I-5 all you will see is brake lights. However, if you are lucky you can get to enjoy the scenic views from your car window as the landscape changes. Most people will cruise along the coast road though and see some famous places like the spectacular Laguna Beach! The coast road is honestly the preferred method of travel, Once you have reached the city, visit Balboa Park, SeaWorld and the Old Town. Camper sites are available in San Diego and the Valley Centre.

San Gabriel Canyon Road:
San Gabriel Canyon Road is a scenic and breathtaking view as you twist and turn through a spectacular mountain range. 21.9 miles of stunning beauty awaits those who decide to take on the journey. It is a relatively easy drive and worth mentioning that many people will also do it by bicycle. With that being said, watch out for people cycling along the sides of the road! Pass the majestic Mount Baldy and get lost on twisting and turning roads. Most people choose to head to Glendora Mountain Rd for even better views! Take Route 30, which winds through the San Gabriel Valley, past reservoirs and Crystal Lake. If you have extra time, you can go hiking near the end of East Fork Road or try bungee jumping. Alternatively, take some time out in Pasadena or Garvanza.

Griffith Observatory Loop:
This short drive offers views of downtown Los Angeles and attractions along the way include the Greek Theater and the Griffith Observatory. We can’t forget to mention that as great of a drive this is, you have to try some of the hiking in the area! Most people will drive up here on weekends and get ready for a stunning hike with breathtaking views. From the top, you can see city, ocean, and the valley. If you haven’t fallen in love with Los Angeles after being there, you should take a stroll some of the nature in this park and let it sink in. Most people who intend to leave have a change of heart after seeing this gem. Get lost in this beautiful park and come out sold on the idea of living in sunny Los Angeles. With a variety of different trails at different difficulty levels, it’s easy for experts and beginners alike. Walnut RV Park in Los Angeles and camper sites in Acton are a good option for overnight stays.

Driving rules in Los Angeles

Road network:
There is an extensive road network, making it easy to reach other major cities in the US. Interstate 5 provides access to the south while Route 101 connects to the California Central Coast. It is easy to find places to refuel.

Speed limits:
Rural interstates:112kph
Urban interstates:96kph
Other roads:96kph

Alcohol limits:
Police ensure that the alcohol limit of 0.08 per cent is adhered to and drivers who violate this law may face a prison sentence.

Drive on the right-hand side of the road. Do not leave valuables in your car and keep the doors locked when you park your car.

Cost of fuel:
Expect to pay less for fuel here than in the UK.

Compare Campervan Hire Los Angeles

The C25 Class C Camping Van, the C22 and the C28 Class C Motorhome offer amenities such as generators, microwaves and radios. Los Angeles downtown and Los Angeles International Airport are both pick-up points.

Escape has five branches in major cities across the US, including Los Angeles. You can pick up a colourful camping car at one of its locations and drop it off at another branch enabling you to drive across America from cost to cost.

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