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Located right at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Nevada’s second most popular destination is famed for its fantastic resorts, endless supply of casinos and long history. There is much to see and do in Reno giving it its nickname the ‘Biggest Little City in the World’, though its beautiful surroundings are nothing to shy away from, hiring a touring van is a great way to get out and explore.

Interstates, US Routes and smaller highways serve the city, making it easy to jump into a camping car and go on a self-drive tour of the state or to venture further into California or Oregon. RV rental options are many and there are more than enough places to stay no matter what direction you turn.

Prices normally increase as vans start to sell out as such RVRentaCampervan advise booking early and you may also qualify for an early bird discount. If you need help our award winning multilingual support team are waiting to help so don’t wait get booking.

Latest Customer Review:

Following your review request we are happy to say our trip to the burning man festival was memorable. Renting a campervan was an excellent idea we used El Monte, we later foundout that they can actually deliver your vehicle to your plot at the festival. Thanks for the great price and all the advice, Hanna


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RV Rental NV Nevada
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Reno, RV Rental Reno Nevada RV rental Trips

Lake Tour:

Leave Reno and head for the historical Lake Pyramid and stay overnight at the Pyramid Lake Marina Campground, continue southeast past Fallon to Walker Lake and rest at the Walker Lake Tamarack and finish off at the magnificent Lake Tahoe.

Great Basin National Park:

Is a beautiful park located in the middle of the Sierra Nevada and the Rocky Mountains. It is known for its stargazing, ancient bristlecone pines, Lehman Caves and wildlife. On the way rest at the Lahontan State Recreation Area and Prospector Hotel & Casino Park, and once here explore from the Lower Lehman Creek Campground.

Interstate 80:

on a picturesque drive east to see the Rye Patch State Recreation Area and the Ruby Mountains. Those with time on their hands can continue into Utah and explore further. There is a lakeside RV park in the Rye Patch State Recreation Area and also stay at the Hi-Desert Camping Car Park and the Double Dice RV Park.

RV Rental Reno - Driving a motorhome in Reno, Nevada

Road network:

Reno is served by a great road network, leading drivers in all directions. Roads in and out of the city are well-maintained and in good condition.

Speed limits:

Urban roads: 25mph
Provincial roads: 55-70mph
National roads and motorways: 65-75mph

Alcohol limits:

0.08 per cent, with those above the limit receiving harsh penalties.


Renoites keep to the right when driving and tend to be quite relaxed drivers. There are plenty of petrol stations in the city but motorists are advised to fill up before heading off.

Cost of fuel:

less than UK prices.

Nearby Las Vegas

Whilst Las Vegas is in the same same state Nevada, getting from Reno to Los Vegas will take over 8 hours due to lack of god motorway links. 

Find Cheap RV Rental Reno NV - Compare and Book

We are able to offer a huge section of campervans for rental in Reno with top suppliers. Choose from the budget cheaper campervans to the larger luxury models with all the mod cons and gadgets that you will need.

We work with some of the best suppliers in the business, such as Compass and El Monte, and offer the best rates on their vehicles. Touring vans for renta in Reno is available in the city centre and includes models such as the five-berth C25 and the eight-berth FS31. Recreational vehicles for the burning man festival can be picked from the El Monte Reno depot.

Unless you find a supplier that offers free miles you will need to book the miles in advance. make sure you are close to the required mileage as supplier will not refund unused miles. This is true of all RV rental Reno suppliers.

Compass Depot
85 Gentry Way ,
Reno, NV 89502

Please note during the Burning Man Period

The office is relocated to:
RENO, NV 89502

Unless you are actually going to the Burning Man Festival we would advise not booking the early last part of August and early September as demand and prices are higher than normal for the Reno event

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