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Luxury RV Rental in California

The Winnebago, as RVs are often called in the US, is a popular option for exploring California. The state is dotted with excellent, full-service RV sites, which are also known as resorts, so there is no need to fret where to park for the night. Most camping van parks have excellent facilities, including pools, picnic tables, internet, cable TV, fire rings and more.

California is a big state, and exploring the whole state on one trip is probably not possible, so it makes sense to decide what exactly you want to see. Whether the fabulous Yosemite Park, north of San Diego, or the famous Route 1 drive is on your itinerary, recreational parks are nearby and roads excellent.

RV Rent A Campervan can offer rates from a wide choice of suppliers in California. When you book with us you will have access to a customer service team that is both experienced and professional they also love to share their insights to make you camper vacation memorable.

Campervan hire California

Campervan Rental California Trip Suggestions

Route 1:

One of the most famous drives in the US is Route 1, or Highway 1. Famous sights along the way include the Golden Gate Bridge, Monterey Bay and Morro Bay. Resort parks are aplenty, including Pillar Point Park, Malibu Park and Dana Point Harbour RV Park.

Yosemite Park:

A must-visit in California and just a short drive north from San Diego. It is home to the famous giant sequoia trees and the stunning El Capitan rock formation. Camping car sites are available right in the national park, such as Yosemite Pines Resort, Indian Flat Park or Yosemite Lake Camping Car Park.

Northern Pacific Coast:

Another great drive on the Northern Pacific Coast takes motorists north from San Francisco. RV sites are aplenty, such as the popular Benbow Valley Resort & Golf, the Pomo RV Park & Camp ground as well as the Mad Rivers Rapids Camping Park.

Campervan Parks California

With the Campervan Parks in California, the choices are unreal. You can be in the mountains, the beach, in a forest or western themed resort. The choice is yours to make where you wish to let loose and unwind.

Pacific Dunes Ranch RV Resort

Pacific Dunes Ranch RV Resort is located in Oceano, CA. This campervan park has the sand dunes to the west with the beach just beyond them for you to enjoy water sports or a magnificent sunset. They have full hookups including electric, sewer and water.

Amenities include bathrooms, showers, launderette, Wi-Fi and cell phone connections to most of the popular providers and a camp store. This is a kid and pet friendly park with trails and a rec room. There is no playground, but the beach is just over the dunes. There is also no pet area.

Rancho Oso RV and Camping Resort

Rancho Oso RV and Camping Resort is located in Santa Barbara, Ca. This is the place to set up camp if you love horses, teepees and covered wagons. There is horseback riding and hiking with waterfalls not too far away, or you just take in the western town in the camp ground.

The amenities include bathrooms, showers, launderette, Wi-Fi and cell phone connections to most of the popular providers and a camp store. This is a kid and pet friendly park with a pool, playground, recreation room, fishing and a pet area.

Thousand Trails San Benito RV Park

Thousand Trails San Benito RV Park in Paicines, CA is the place to go if you want to be in a remote area away from the city. The setting is rolling hills with an abundance of wildlife running free that includes bison, woodpeckers, deer, rabbits, squirrels and occasionally even a fox and bobcat.

The amenities include bathrooms, showers, launderette, Wi-Fi, limited cell phone connections and a camp store. This is a kid and pet friendly park with a pool, playground, trails, recreation room and a pet area.

Hat Creek Hereford Ranch RV Park and Campground

Hat Creek Hereford Ranch RV Park and Campground is located in the Lassen National Forest where the scenery is breathtaking. There are lakes, rivers, waterfalls and even caves close by you can explore while being surrounded by a mountain view.

The amenities include bathrooms, showers, launderette, Wi-Fi, limited cell phone connections and a camp store. This is a kid and pet friendly park with a playground, trails, rec room, fishing and a pet area.

The many Campervan Parks in California have it all, so you can experience the kind of holiday you have always wanted when getting back to nature.

Driving Tips

Road network:

California boasts wide highways and an excellent network of roads. Roads are well-signposted and toll-free. There a plenty of roads through the most famous national parks and forests.

Speed limits:

Urban roads: 60kph unless specified (slower in school zones)
Provincial roads: 80kph
National roads and motorways: 100 to 110kph

Alcohol limits:

0.8 per cent, regularly policed by both police and state troopers. Fines can be steep, with imprisonment for serious offenders.


Driving is on the right-hand side. Roads rules are clearly signposted. Stop signs must be observed and non-stopping may result in being fined on the spot. Radar traps and breathalyser tests are common. All passengers must wear seatbelts. Hands-free mobile phone usage is allowed.

Start Comping RV Rental Costs in California

Look for the best deals on recreational vehicles on our website. RV rental California is available from all major California airports, such as Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), San Diego and San Francisco. Other major cities in California are also represented, such as those in Orange County and Fresno, so choose the location that best suits your needs. Renters can choose from an enormous range of camping cars and vans, from two-berth models such as the Apollo to those that can sleep up to six people.

Campervan Hire, California - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minium age to rent a campervan in California?

The minimum age to rent and drive any of the campervans offered by our RV Rentals partners is 21. Some will impose a daily underage charge for those under 25 this will be made clear along with any other additional fees will be made clear on the booking page

Is a special (heavy vehicle) HT Licence Required?

No special licence required, All RV Californian suppliers will accept your standard driving licence. 

How much does it cost to rent an RV in California?

This will depend on 2 key factors. The first will be the actual motorhome or RV, the larger, the more expensive, secondly will be the duration of the RV rental. Longer RV rentals will be more expensive than shorter rentals, but the daily rate will be reduced so longer rentals can be more cost-effective. So rather than booking for 10 days, why not book for 14 days, it could actually work out cheaper! 

  • Class A motorhomes: The largest and most luxurious option, costing between $200 - $550 per night on average.
  • Class B campervans: Smaller and more fuel-efficient, ranging from $97 - $400 per night.
  • Class C motorhomes: A blend of size and amenities, averaging $135 - $450 per night.

To get a more accurate estimate for your specific needs, I recommend entering your travel dates into the booking engine, click here to get started. The results page offers a range of filters that will let you easily filter the results, showing only campervans that meet with group trip requirements.

Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

All rentals must be returned with the same amount of fuel, this is normally with a full tank, but some suppliers may provide same to same so if it is half full you only need to return with half a tank etc. Confirm this before setting off.

Are there RV rentals available with unlimited mileage?

In general, unlimited miles is not available in the USA. On the results page, you can check under the campervan listing details to see if this option is available with any of the providers. If not, you'll be able to view the additional rates for extra mileage. Book a motorhome today and discover the many attractions in Colorado

Not having free miles is a fair policy, as you will only pay for what you actually use and will not be supplementing someone else's rental. To offer free miles the companies would have to increase the daily rate and that would be unfair to those that will not be clocking up a high mileage

How far in advance should I book RV hire?

Avoid being disappointed by booking 6 months in advance for the months of July to August

The last piece of advice is to get your one RV booking confirmed before booking flights and hotels.

** Note: policies vary from supplier to supplier. Always check the T&Cs for your rental.