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Las Vegas offers an escape from everyday life and is renowned for its sophisticated casinos and wild parties. The casinos offer their customers buffets, drink and gambling tables. Nicknamed Sin City, Las Vegas aims to give visitors instant gratification and an unforgettable holiday. The Mix Lounge has beautiful views over the city, and the Liberace Museum is worth a visit. Alternatively, book a day of indulgence at one of the upmarket spas.

Las Vegas is divided into Main Street, the downtown area, the Strip and the northern end. The roads are in good condition and the easy layout of the city makes it convenient to use RV rental in Las Vegas. The US road network, including Interstate 15 and US 95, provides access to Las Vegas.

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We always go the extra step to ensure our customer's experience is second to none, this has resulting in a large and loyal customer base that book with us repeatedly, book with RV Rent A Campervan today and enjoy a service second to none. One way USA rental also available, with Las Vegas to Salt Lake city being a popular choice.

Hiring a motorhome in Vegas? Check out these suggested itineraries

California to Las Vegas:

Take Interstate 15 to reach California and if you plan your journey out of peak hours, the trip is relaxing and scenic. It is a 450km drive, and you can stop over in Barstow, Baker or the Mojave Desert. Make sure that you keep enough water in the campervan as this route passes through desert. Rest along the way at camper sites in Bakersfield and Visalia. The Mojave Desert has over 2,000 species of plants spread out across over 124,000 square kilometers of relentless terrain. Some points of the desert reaching an elevation gain of over 610 meters! Be prepared when driving through this massive desert, as sometimes help won’t come along for quite a while. Barstow, on the other hand, is a place for one to meet a large variety of strangers as it is a popular stopover for those making their way from California to Las Vegas. An easy gateway to the Mojave and other places, you most certainly will stop here on your journey!

Las Vegas to Arizona:

Travel south on the US-93 and I-15. Attractions along the way include Bolder City, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead Recreational Area. Camping sites can be found in Bolder City and Lake Mead Recreational Area. . Boulder City’s location was for the workers of the Hoover Dam. Hoover Dam holds Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States. A dam so big that over 100 people lost their lives in its creation, it’s no wonder that over a million visitors come to see it every year! For those not interested in a dam, however – come to the city of Boulder to do things like skydive. Gambling is not allowed here! Only 20 miles from Vegas if you want to get your fix, though! The drive itself from Las Vegas to Arizona is filled with beautiful dunes and dry land. However, don’t think it won’t be a beautiful view. Many people do it every year because of its wonderful landscape.

Las Vegas to Death Valley:

It takes two hours to reach the Death Valley, which is a national park. Attractions include a geological museum, Telescope Peak and mountains. Furnace Creek and Mt Charleston provide amenities for camping. . Death Valley extends from California into the park of Nevada and is 14,000 square kilometres of undeniable beauty and mother nature at her finest and fiercest. With average temperatures in summer at over 49 °C, please be prepared for this journey! It is considered one of the hottest places on earth and should be well respected. See places like Badwater, the lowest point in the entire continent of North America. Too low? Overlook many canyons and as much of it as the eye can see at Zabriskie Point. Want something different? See the salt crystals of Devil’s Golf Course! (Look, but don’t touch.) Death Valley attracts thousands of visitors every year, don’t hesitate on driving through this barren but beautiful land.

Tips To Drive a Rental RV in Las Vegas

Road network:

The I-15 links Las Vegas to California, and if you are driving from the east, take the I 40. The US-95 links the city to northern cities such as Reno. Petrol stations are dotted along all major routes.

Speed limits:

Rural Freeway:120kph
Urban Freeway:104kph
Residential road:40kph
School Zone:24kph

Alcohol limits:

Drivers are prohibited from having a blood alcohol level which exceeds 0.08 per cent.


The area surrounding Las Vegas is desert so if you are travelling to surrounding regions, make sure that you have a spare tire, extra fuel and water.

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If you are looking for luxury RV rental in Las Vegas we have access to Road Bear USA, Expedition Motorhomes and Cruise America who all offer a range of luxury RV and motorhomes for rental.

Read about the facilities of the C25 Class C Camping Van, the CS30 Class C Motorhome and the Happy Explorer before choosing a vehicle model that is suitable for your holiday. Downtown Las Vegas and Las Vegas-McCarren International Airport are suitable pick-up points. All the big names in RV rental are present in Las Vegas including Cruise America RV rentals and El Monte RV Rentals Las Vegas.