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Best RV Rental San Diego, California

Planning on a road trip adventure? Have you considered starting your trip from South of California and work your way up? We can provide one way rentals with California out starting in CA and ending in another state with El Monte RV Rental or Escape RV Rentals Los Angeles and Camper vans. This style of holiday is my favourite, and it lets you explore the beauty of the ocean and great outdoors. We have many one of own way options including San Diego to Las Vegas. RV Rentals exist   to provide you with the best RVs on the market.

Tourists are drawn to San Diego‚Äôs beautiful beaches, which offer activities such as swimming and surfing during the summer months. Whale-watching is popular, and Mission Bay is a good place to go windsurfing. There are numerous hiking trails and outdoor rock climbing opportunities. Other attractions include Birch Aquarium, the Maritime Museum and Balboa Park.

Recommended RV Rental Drives in San Diego

San Diego to Carlsbad:

Carlsbad is only a 48km drive away along Interstate 5 and once you are here, you can visit the LEGOLAND California theme park. Camper sites are available in Encinitas and Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

San Diego to Temecula:

Temecula is a 60-minute drive in a north-easterly direction. The region is known for its wine lands and there are 30 wineries which have tasting rooms for visitors. This route makes a good day trip, or you can stay over at camper sites in Temecula or Escondido.

San Diego to Tecate:

This drive takes 60 minutes, with the town of Tecate sitting on the Mexico border and visitors able to cross to the Mexican side at a pedestrian crossing. Attractions include the town centre and Tecate Brewery. In Lemon Grove and Oak Park you will find camper facilities such as electricity, water and washrooms.

San Diego RV rental Safe Driving Tips

Road network:

Three major interstates provide access to San Diego, as well as frequent places to refuel. The I-8, the I-5 and the I-15 are major access roads while other free ways criss-cross through the city.

Speed limits:

Rural Interstates:112kph
City Interstates:96kph
Alternative roads:96kph

Alcohol limits:

Drivers should not exceed the blood alcohol level limit, which is 0.08 per cent.


Join the AAA to ensure access to help in an emergency. Drive on the right side of the road and overtake on the left. Avoid travelling during peak commuting hours.

Compare Motorhome Hire in San Diego

We offer Motorhome rental in both San Diego city centre and San Diego International Airport, making RV hire a viable option. Compare prices online for models such as the San Diego Class C Freedom Elite, the Travel Trailer Wildwood Bunk House and the Albie.

Campervan Hire, San Diego, CA - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minium age to rent a campervan in San Diego?

The minimum age to rent and drive any of the campervans offered by our RV Rentals partners is 21. Some will impose a daily underage charge for those under 25 this will be made clear along with any other additional fees will be made clear on the booking page

Is a special (heavy vehicle) HT Licence Required?

No special licence required, All RV Los Angeles suppliers will accept your standard driving licence. 

How much does it cost to rent an RV in San Diego?

This will depend on 2 key factors. The first will be the actual motorhome or RV, the larger, the more expensive, secondly will be the duration of the RV rental. Longer RV rentals will be more expensive than shorter rentals, but the daily rate will be reduced so longer rentals can be more cost-effective. So rather than booking for 10 days, why not book for 14 days, it could actually work out cheaper! 

  • Class A motorhomes: The largest and most luxurious option, costing between $200 - $550 per night on average.
  • Class B campervans: Smaller and more fuel-efficient, ranging from $97 - $400 per night.
  • Class C motorhomes: A blend of size and amenities, averaging $135 - $450 per night.

To get a more accurate estimate for your specific needs, I recommend entering your travel dates into the booking engine, click here to get started. The results page offers a range of filters that will let you easily filter the results, showing only campervans that meet with group trip requirements.

Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

All rentals must be returned with the same amount of fuel, this is normally with a full tank, but some suppliers may provide same to same so if it is half full you only need to return with half a tank etc. Confirm this before setting off.

Are there RV rentals available with unlimited mileage?

In general, unlimited miles is not available in the USA. On the results page, you can check under the campervan listing details to see if this option is available with any of the providers. If not, you'll be able to view the additional rates for extra mileage. 

Renting an RV without free miles is a fair policy, as you will only pay for what you actually use and will not be supplementing someone else's rental. To offer free miles the companies would have to increase the daily rate and that would be unfair to those that will not be clocking up a high mileage

How far in advance should I book RV hire?

Avoid being disappointed by booking 6 months in advance for the months of July to August

The last piece of advice is to get your one RV booking confirmed before booking flights and hotels.

Can I pick up in San Diego and Drop Off at another rental depot?

If the rental provider has a depot at the desired drop-off location then a one way RV rentals USA is possible, but a one way fee will normally apply and this will be detailed on the results page. The most popular request currently is for one way RV rental Starting Los Angeles and normally drop off with California, but other cross-country destinations are also available.

** Note: policies vary from supplier to supplier. Always check the T&Cs for your rental.