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San Francisco boasts remarkable architecture and the Golden Gate Bridge as its iconic landmark. The Palace of Fine Arts incorporates Greek architecture, and the Coit Towers honour local firefighters. The city is well known for performing arts and entertainment is provided by jazz shows, plays and ballet.

With RV rental San Francisco, you can incorporate all the attractions of the city into your itinerary. There are numerous one-way streets in the city centre, so it is advisable to plan your route before heading out for the day.

Before, after and during your RV rental San Francisco rental RV Rent A Campervan will be there to help with any questions that may arise, don’t hesitate book today. Choose to pick your California campervan rental from either San Francisco downtown or San Francisco International Airport. Air conditioning, TV and fridge are some of the facilities available in the Happy Explorer, the Wanderer Class and the Big Boy Deluxe. We offer luxury and budget campervan hire USA from all the big names in RV and motorhome rental.

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The mini RV or minivan San Francisco RV from LIL'RV has all the mod cons including a fridge, two gas stoves and 2 comfy beds that can sleep 4 people. Because of its size, it is easy to drive and easy on gas. Great for touring the USA and Canada 

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San Francisco to Yosemite National Park:

The distance to Yosemite National Park is 321kms and once you arrive, there are camper sites where you can spend the night. The journey has a duration of 4 hours and the national park is accessible via the CA Highway 120. If you need a place to stop over, camper sites are available in Groveland or make a small detour to Coulterville. . San Francisco itself is home to the Golden Gate Bridge and the famous Fisherman’s Wharf, both of which attract tens of thousands of visitors each year, if not more. Being one of what is considered the most picturesque cities in the United States, there’s also a large variety of hidden gems for one to get lost in on their wander through places like Golden Gate Park. However, Yosemite is one of the greatest places to explore. It’s vast amount of gems can leave a nature enthusiast with their jaw open. Just the drive alone to the great park and seeing the nature along the way is perfect for filling up your camera with photos. Bring a second memory card!

49-Mile Scenic Drive:

This drive starts at the Golden Gate Bridge and ends on Treasure Island. Attractions along the way include the Museum of Modern Art, Chinatown, the Aquatic Park and Lombard Street. The route is marked by a blue-and-white seagull. Candlestick Camping Car Park and San Francisco RV Resort are both located in San Francisco. The largest China town in all of America belongs to the great state of California in San Francisco, with such an incredibly convincing scenery, one may feel they are actually in China. With dozens of attractions like the aquatic park that is known for its great swimming and Lombard Street with it’s 8 super tight turns, there is no shortage of things to do. However, we suggest not to try and go on Lombard Street in your RV!

San Francisco to Los Angeles:

The Pacific Coast Highway is 780kms long and offers some of the best scenery in the country. You need a minimum of two days to complete this route, with time to stop along the way. In Cambria, you can visit Hearst Castle and stay overnight, or stop along the way in Hanford. As we mentioned earlier, San Francisco is one of the Pacific coast’s greatest cities, but that’s not to say the little places along the way aren’t entertaining as well! There is a reason to make the trip from the Golden Gate Bridge to the giant Hollywood sign. One of which being the Heastle Castle mansion, a wonderful work of architecture for those interested. Stop in wonderful beach cities like Santa Barbara and get lost in the beautiful sunsets. Or stop in one of the many nature filled parks along the way to enjoy some of the fresh California air and wildlife!

Driving in a rental RV in San Fran

Road network:

San Francisco is serviced by four major highways, including the US101, which offers access from the south, and the I-80, offering access from the east via the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Another option is Interstate 280, which has several petrol stations.

Speed limits:

Rural Interstates:112kph
Urban Interstates:96kph
Other roads:96kph

Alcohol limits:

The blood alcohol limit for drivers is 0.08 per cent and this law is strictly enforced.


Children under the age of five must be seated in the rear of the vehicle, and it is mandatory to use child restraints. Traffic keeps to the right side of the road.

Cost of fuel:

Fuel prices are cheaper here than in the UK, but can add over long journeys, so keep a steady speed and stay within the legal limits when driving your RV rental San in Francisco.

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