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Santa Cruz is a relaxing coastal city found on the north tip of Monterey Bay that is best known for its laid-back bohemian lifestyle. It has plenty to offer tourists such as the Beach Boardwalk and Mystery Spot, and has a variety of beaches suitable for relaxing, surfing and kayaking.

This city is most popular as a weekend getaway, but it is well worth getting out and exploring its surrounding area. With an RV it is possible to explore the Santa Cruz Mountains, the Carmel Valley and the rest of California’s Central Coast.

All in all RV rental Santa Cruz is great way to explore this part of California. that lies between Las Vegas and Los Angeles

RV rental Sanra Cruz

Santa Cruz RV Rental Camping Grounds and Routes

Central Coast:

from Santa Cruz heading south along Highway 1 on one of the most scenic drives in the state. On this journey it is possible to go on a wine tasting tour, relax on beautiful beaches, dine on fresh seafood, enjoy hiking and witness waterfalls. Stay overnight in Ventana Big Sur Campground and Bay Pines Travel Trailer Park.

Yosemite National Park:

through the San Joaquin Valley to this stunning UNESCO World Heritage site to snap photos of the impressive waterfalls and unusual rock formations, and enjoy hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding and skiing. There are plenty of campgrounds both on route and in the park such as the Mercad River Camping Car Resort and Mammoth Mountain Park.

Bay Area:

drive north and explore the mountainous town of Scotts Valley and see the massive redwoods from the Santa Cruz Ranch Park, relax on a beach while resting at the Pillar Point Van Park and see what the Silicon Valley is all about from the Trailer Villa RV Park.

Driving an RV in Santa Cruz

Road network:

highways surrounding Santa Cruz directly link it to Silicon Valley, Yosemite National Park and north and south along the coast.

Speed limits:

Urban roads: 25-55mph
Provincial roads: 55-65mph
National roads and motorways: 70mph

Alcohol limits:

0.8 per cent with hefty fines.


here locals drive on the right-hand side, and are fairly safe and courteous drivers.

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Highway 17

If you are planning on using Highway 17 that connects Santa Cruz to San Jose add extra driving time. The reason being that this route is not only heavily congested in parts, but is also step in parts with lots of bends.

Compare Motorhome Hire in Santa Cruz

We can deliver cheap rv Santa Cruz dealsl. However, we can also provide  luxury RV's for hire from top suppliers. These suppliers include El Monte, Crusie America 

We have consolidated and come up with the best rates on Santa Cruz RV rental available from well-known suppliers such as El Monte RV Rentals. Models available are made by Ford and Chevy, and can sleep up to eight people. With El Monte you culd pikcup at at Santa Cruz, CA and return to nearby Oakland International Airport (OAK).

El Monet Santa Cruz (Scotts Valley), CA motorhome rental Depot Information
Santa Cruz,
155 El Pueblo Rd,
Scotts Valley,
CA 95066

Enter your travel dates into the booking engine and RVrentaCampervan will help you compare campervan deals, specifications and prices. Any questions contact our friendly motorhome specialist team by email or phone.

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