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One of the best outdoor adventures in America has Yellowstone National Park as the destination. For many the best way to visit this natural beauty is by renting an RV. This way more time can be spent in a natural setting.

There are more than 3,500 square miles of natural space in the park for visitors to enjoy. A majority of the sites in the park, like Old Faithful are the results of this park being a giant caldera, or the crater of a super volcano. While still semi active, the chances of it erupting anytime soon are remote.

black-bears-Yellowstone National Park

The Naturall Attractions 

What visitors can see is the activity of releasing pressure from the more than 1,000 geysers and the numerous hot springs with colorful sediments. The most visited hot spring is the Grand Prismatic.

What visitors can see is the activity of releasing pressure from the more than 1,000 geysers and the numerous hot springs with colorful sediments. The most visited hot spring is the Grand Prismatic.

The wildlife is also abundant throughout the park. To help keep the visitors safe this entire national park is a no hunting region. The only game visitors can catch and kill for food are fish. This has allowed for the moose, deer and bison herds to grow and can be regularly seen by the visitors.

The national symbol, the Bald Eagle is also present in an abundant number. They can be seen swooping down for a meal of fish out the streams. There are also wild horse herds galloping in areas of the park. What has to be remembered, these are wild horses and no one should attempt to ride one, even if one could be caught.

In remote areas of the park are the natural predators. This includes the famous grizzly bears, mountain lions and there are packs of wolves that scavenge off the land. These animals are monitored by the park rangers, but visitors should still avoid them.

Camp Grounds in the Park

Staying overnight in Yellowstone park is always memorable. This can be done in one of the 12 RV campgrounds already set up. 7 of the 12 campgrounds are operated by the US National Park service. They do not accept reservations and operate as a first come first serve basis.

The other 5 campgrounds are operated by a private company. These campsites are places for those that plan their vacation and would like to make a reservation. The locations include the Fishing Bridge, Bridge Bay, Canyon, Grant and Madison.

All of these sites have a size restriction of the RV to be less than 40 feet long. Only the Fishing Bridge has electrical hook ups for RV tenets.

 RV Rental pickup points near Yellowstone

The renting of an RV does not occur at the park which is located in Wyoming, so the pickup location of an RV has to be some distance away. The closest place is in Billing, Montana just 130 miles north east of the park. During the months from May to October most RV users take Highway 212 then the Beartooth Highway to reach the park. This path will take on average 2 ½ hours that zig zags through the mountain passes.

The next closest location for picking up an RV is Salt Lake City, Utah. This location is southwest of the park approximately 320 miles away. The routes to take can be highway 15 or interstate 89.

Another popular jumping off point is Reno, Nevada. This place of origin is more scenic for the trip north taking up to 12 hours to cover the nearly 800 miles. There are multiple paths that can be taken depending on how many mountain passes are taken or if strictly staying on the interstates is followed.

From the plains many begin their journey westward in Omaha, Nebraska. This path makes it possible to view the Rockies at a distance as you approach them from the flat plains. This will take over 14 hours and travelers will cover more than 700 miles.

Seattle, Washington is another place an adventure to Yellowstone can originate from. This path takes the travelers over the Rockies. The northern route east covers more than 700 miles and can take up to 12 hours.

A vacation in the beautiful Yellowstone Park is memorable. One major word of caution is to remember there are bears present. They can smell food up to 10 miles away.

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