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Campervan hire USA continues to be the preferred choice of those looking for something new with their next family holiday. By renting an RV instead of paying for an overpriced hotel room, the freedom of the road in new locations is being enjoyed by more families this past year. The vehicle you choose that would best suit your family is dependent on the number of family members who are going on the adventure with you and the distance you plan to travel.

What are the costs of Campervan Hire USA ?

The minimum time campervan hire USA for is 3 days. Most rental agencies offer a discount for those that hire an RV for more than 21 days. Due to the limited number of hours most agencies are open on Sunday, it is advisable not to begin or end your holiday on Sunday.

  • 2 berthed camper car can be rented for $39 a day, 3 day rental is $99, a week is $301, and a month costs $1,203.
  • 4 berth campervan is $89 a day with a 3 day outing costing $268, a week is $350 and a month is $848.
  • 6 berth campervan or motorhome has a daily cost of $126, 3 days is $378, a week is $476 and a month costs $1,748.
  • 4 berth luxury motorhome daily cost of $177, 3 days is $531, a week is $946 and a month costs $3,278.

Are there any additional cost for campervan hire USA?

Like most things, there are additional fees tacked onto the cost of renting a campervan in the USA. While not all of the below listed fees will be encountered at every RV rental agency, these are the most common.

The mandatory preparation fee by the rental agency can be as much as $200.

Mileage is not free. Most agencies give you the option of unlimited for a set price in the neighbourhood of $500, or they charge a fee of $0.45 per mile.

Upon picking up the RV, a deposit or bond must be placed with the agency. This is typically $1,000.

To operate the campervan on US roads, it must be insured by the operator. Most agencies offer this type of coverage for $10 a day.

There is also sales tax. This varied depending on the location of the rental agency. In most instances, this cost will be 10% of the overall cost or less.

Campervan hire USA add-ons you can purchase for your trip?

Yes, there are many items that will make your campervan hire USA more comfortable and life easier you can rent from the rental agency.

  • GPS for about $80.
  • The convenience package generally includes cooking utensils and bedding for $150.
  • Wi-Fi for about $10 a night.
  • Generator usage for $3 an hour.
  • Rent chairs for $9 a day.
  • Bike carrier that will be mounted to the front or rear of the vehicle for $50.

Some USA RV Drives ideas

Route 66 - Minimum 2 weeks

The most famous one way RV rental USA drive is Route 66, many choose a variant of this famous route, starting off in Los Angeles and returning the campervan in Chicago.  

Los Angeles to Seattle, Allow at least 7 days 14 would be better

If you have the time, then buckle up for an awesome road trip adventure across the West Coast! This road trip spans over 1,200 miles, starting in sunny Los Angeles and winding all the way up to Seattle. Along the way, you'll get a taste of everything from bustling cities to breathtaking beaches and lush forests.

Washington to Boston, Allow 7 days

Whist possible to complete in under 7 days, from my experience 7 days will let you fully experience this amazing road trip n your RV rental, History buffs and kids will love this section of the East Coast, and right in the middle of the journey is the exciting metropolis of New York City. There are some more peaceful places along the way, too, for relaxing and reflection. If in the mood, you could take a detour to spend some time at the beach on the Jersey Shore.

RV Rental USA - Frequently Asked Questions

How old does a person have to be to rent a campervan USA?

Most RV Rental companies require the named driver to be at least 25 years old with a driving licence for the size vehicle they are renting. There are some places that do rent to people as young as 21, but most of them charge extra to those clients.

Is a special (heavy vehicle) HT Licence Required?

No special licence required, All RV Rental Denver airport suppliers will accept your standard driving licence. 

How much does it cost to rent an RV in USA

This will depend on 2 key factors. The first will be the length of the RV rental whilst the daily cost will be discounted a long rental will always work out more expensive than a shorter rental, the sweet spot is 14 days or 2 weeks.  

  • Class A motorhomes: The largest and most luxurious option, costing between $200 - $550 per night on average.
  • Class B campervans: Smaller and more fuel-efficient, ranging from $97 - $400 per night.
  • Class C motorhomes: A blend of size and amenities, averaging $135 - $450 per night.

To get a more accurate estimate for your specific needs, I recommend entering your travel dates into the booking engine, click here to get started. The results page offers a range of filters that will let you easily filter the results, showing only campervans that meet with group trip requirements.

Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

All rentals must be returned with the same amount of fuel, this is normally with a full tank, but some suppliers may provide same to same so if it is half full you only need to return with half a tank etc. Confirm this before setting off.

Are there RV rentals available with unlimited mileage?

This will depend on the actual RV rental supplier. On the results page, you can check under the campervan listing details to see if this option is available with any of the providers. If not, you'll be able to view the additional rates for extra mileage. Book a motorhome today and discover the many attractions in Colorado

Can I pick up in Denver and Drop Off at another rental depot?

If the rental provider has a depot at the desired drop-off location then a one way RV rentals USA is possible, but a one way fee will normally apply and this will be detailed on the results page 

Advantages and disadvantages of selected campervans and RVs.

USA Camper cars

  • The leading advantage of these units is they are economical, so they cost the least to rent and operate. They are also very easy to manoeuvre and park. The convenience package generally includes cooking utensils and bedding for $150.
  • The main disadvantage is they are small on the interior. You can sleep in them, but all cooking and socializing are generally done outside.

USA Campervans

  • The advantage of a van is more room than a car, but space is still limited. Some do have cooking units inside, but that cuts down on the space for sleeping.
  • The disadvantage of operating a van is the blind spots. Most people that have only driven a car might find it difficult to operate a van on the road and parking it.

USA Motorhomes - Cab over RVs

  • The advantages of these are simple, more room on the interior. The cab over is ideal for children to sleep and nearly all of them have a full kitchen with running water, refrigerator and stove. They are also equipped with a restroom with a toilet and shower.

  • The disadvantage is its size. While in most states a regular driver's license is all that is required to operate an RV for personal usage, many drivers find it difficult to maneuver and park. There is generally a rear window to use, but the sides are blind spots and the driver must be able to use their mirrors effectively.

USA Motorhomes

  • The advantages of renting a luxury motorhome are they will have all the amenities you might have in your home. This can include bedrooms, full kitchen and living rooms. Each one is set up to make a person feel at home and people, especially retirees, live in them.

  • The disadvantage of renting a luxury motorhome is they are very large and not very agile when operating them on the road or parking them. They are also very expensive to rent and operate.

USA in Regions

West Coast

Cruise the West Coast at your own pace in of our one way USA campervan rental: Start off at Seattle and head towards San Diego, soaking in the sun-kissed shores and towering redwoods along the Pacific Coast Highway.

So many places to stop, but we do recommend stopping off at Carmel-by-the-Sea to sample the seafood. Wind down the campervan windows and feel the spray of the ocean on your face as you hug the curves of Highway 1, and lose yourself in the majestic forests of Muir Woods National Monument.

Check out Seattle's iconic coffee scene and explore volcanic Mount Rainier. Another possible one way road, starting by picking up an RV Rental in San Francisco and ending your RV road trip in San Diego. Cruise along the California's roads and highways, stopping to surf in Malibu, sip Napa Valley wines, and be starstruck in Los Angeles.

The North East

Book a New York campervan rental, pickup, and checkout the Northeast Coast's historic charm and coastal splendour! We recommend picking up the day you plan to leave NYC, quickly escape the city gridlock and head north. Visit the crystal-clear lakes of the Adirondacks, marvel at Niagara Falls' thunderous roar. Later in the day at the RV Park, sip some of the local wines, but not too much if you are setting off the next morning on your North East adventure. 

Alternatively, book a Boston RV Rental and cruise along the iconic Kancamagus Highway, if in the fall time you will be amazed at the vibrant roadside foliage. Take a break from driving and hike to dramatic mountain summits, picnic by babbling brooks, and fuel up on maple syrup treats. If you wish to experience New England charm, keep to the coastline from Gloucester to Rock Island. You will be passing through picture quaint fishing villages, keep the RV windows down to catch the salty breezes. This region may be vast, but with a good planning, you can realy make this a lifetime campervan rental experience.

Calculating the right campervan for you to rent

First, you need to know how many adults and children will be going on the adventure. You also need to know where you plan to travel and if it is going to be a one way trip or not. Many RV rental depots will rent for one way trips, but there is a small additional charge for this.

Know how far you plan to travel with your campervan hire USA. If it is more than 100 miles it is more economical to purchase the unlimited mileage plan from your agent. Know where you will be parking the RV. It is possible to park at the many rest stops on the interstates, but there are few amenities there. RV parks have full amenities that make your trip less of a hassle.

By planning your campervan hire USA  details in advance, you will have a more enjoyable holiday with campervan rentals a in the USA.

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