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Dallas is situated in the state of Texas in the Southern Central United States. It is one of the largest states in America and also has a border with Mexico. A perfect way to see all that it has to offer at your own pace is by renting a motorhome. With fully equipped camping cars available from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport or from the city itself starting you road trip has never been easier. Dallas it self has a vast and varied landscape ranging from grass lands to mountains and deserts.

The vista will never be dull with so many natural lakes and man made attractions. Take your time and select the campervan that will best suit your travel requirements, always consider booking a little bigger than needed for that extra comfort, if it is within your budget.

Recommended Campervan Drives in Dallas

Texas Lake Trails:

Everything is bigger in Texas” is often heard and proof to this is the large variety of lakes and wonderful countryside in this trail. The trail starts in Dallas and finishes in Fort Worth. Be amazed at how much lush country side and vegetation that is on offer along the route. Along this route, one can also see things like world-renowned museums and real cowboy downtown areas. Along this journey, you can see trails that were used decades ago like the famous Bankhead Highway, Shawnee Trail, and the Great Western Trail. All of which have their own stories preserves in time that fascinate young and old alike. On the Texas Lake Trails, it is so simple to come and understand why Texas is the way it is. Also, on this trail one can learn why people love their homeland. While here, don’t forget to try some famous Texan BBQ. The Texas Lake Trail Region spans 31 counties, proving just how big it is!

Texas Fort Trails:

Explore battle sites, pioneer settlements and other places where history was made and the West was won. The trail is 650 miles long and spans 29 counties, further proving the point we made many times earlier: Everything is bigger here! One of the most important factors of this area is the historical monuments, such as the preserved Civil War-era frontier military posts that this area has 8 of. Many famous movies like Old Yeller have come from this region and created a love for this area that is timeless. With many small and hidden places along the long and bigger roads that make up Texas, you’ll surely find and discover things that many people have looked over. While looking for secrets in Texas, don’t forget to look at the sky and see some of the best star-gazing you can get in the United States. There are many first class camping sites along the ways, if you want to sleep under the stars.

Lakeside Park:

A wide canal meanders through the perfect landscape until it reaches a peaceful waterfall underneath a wooden bridge. Kids will love the parks giant teddy bear statues and adults will find it the perfect place for a romantic picnic or evening stroll.Most people come here to watch the world go by, taking bread to feed some of many different birds and fish that call the waters here home. It spans over 14 acres and is meticulously taken care of, leaving those who choose to sit on a bench or in the grass a true feel of Texan hospitality. It runs along Turtle Creek and is also famous for its strange giant teddy bear statues that oddly add a charm to it all. Not many people have anything bad to say about this quiet and relaxing park, we don’t think you will either. Many mansions dot themselves around the area, definitely worth having a look. Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen.

Driving Tips

Road network:The highways of America are famous and the quality of the roads and services are second to none. So whether it’s a quick fuel stop or a meal, you are sure to find what ever you are looking for.Speed limits:Country roads:60 mphNational roads and motorways:75 mphCity Roads:30 mphNight time Driving:65 mph instead of 75 mph

Alcohol limits:The Texas limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) when you’re driving is 0.08%. Texas is also a zero-tolerance state for underage drinking. Any detectable amount of alcohol in drivers under 21 is a crime.

Safety:Although Americans as a rule are very safe drivers it is always important to make sure that you are aware of speed limits and drive with due care and diligence. Americans drive on the right hand side of the road, the same as Continental Europe. It is worth noting that all motoring offences are taken seriously.Cost of fuel:The cost of fuel is cheap compared to many countries with prices varying from just over $ 3 to just under $ 4 depending on type. .

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Our booking engine compares all the available deals for motorhome rental in Dallas. We have partnered with the leading rental companies in Dallas including Compass, Moturis RV and El Monte RV rental USA. This enables us to offer a wide selection of luxury vans, choose from the Class A Double Slide Out K-32s, Class C Freedom Elite or the Class A mobile home with slide out. Most suppliers offer a shuttle service from Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW) to the nearby depot or will arrange delivery and collection from your hotel. More details available after you enter your booking details.