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Nothing says ‘Florida holiday’ like an RV rental holiday. There are campervan sites located everywhere, all with excellent facilities. European visitors will be stunned to find cable TV, internet, pools, shops, BBQ facilities and more at most camper sites in Florida. Some even have direct beach access!

Driving in Florida is straightforward, with wide highways and good signage. Some must-visit attractions in Florida include Disney World, Cape Canaveral and the world-famous beaches from South Beach to those on Key West. Motorhome rentals are a popular way to tour, with options from small to extra-large RVs, depending on your needs.

You can rent a campervan from most locations in Florida, with great choice available in South Florida. We offer a high level of customer service and a wide selection of quality vehicles.

Top Florida RV Pickup Locations

When it comes to choosing your pickup location in Florida, you have a good range of options, as we have listed below.

  • Orlando & Orlando International Airport (MCO)
  • Miami 
  • Tampa

Should you need to hire a campervan or camping car in Florida then simply enter your tour dates into the booking engine and let us compare prices ensuring you get the best prices on rv rental in Florida, USA. If you intend covering a lot of ground select a supplier that provides unlimited free miles in Florida.

Latest Customer Review:

Following your review request we are happy to say our trip to Florida was amazing. Renting a campervan was an excellent idea. We would recommend driving from the ‘top’ of the Florida Keys south to Key West an amazing scenic drive and lots of campervan sites along the route, Thanks for the great price , Azriel.


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Campervan Hire Florida

Top RV Rental Florida Brands - Instant Confirmation with Road Bear and El Monte RV

Florida boasts a thriving RV rental scene, catering to a wide range seeking budget to luxury style campervan rental adventures. The key pickup locations include Miami Airport RV Rental and Orlando RV rental from the airport or one of the downtown depots.

Rent an RV and explore the theme parks, stunning beaches, and vibrant city life of Orlando, or hit the open road to nearby national parks and scenic coastlines. We make renting an RV a breeze. Start planning your unforgettable Florida adventure today - enter your travel dates browse their selection online or contact us for a personalised quote!

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Road Bear
El Monte RV Rental USA

Cruise America: Another major player, Cruise America specializes in affordable campervans and Class C motorhomes. Their user-friendly booking system and one-way rentals make them ideal for flexible road trips. Popular Florida starting points for a road trip include Cruise America Miami and Cruise America Tampa and their Orlando Kissimmee depot

Indie Campers: Known for their quirky, vintage van rentals, Indie Campers injects a touch of personality into your Colorado trip. Their unique fleet caters to budget-conscious travellers seeking a retro adventure.

Native Campervans: This is a new campervan rental company operating in the American West, currently offering Denver RV rentals plus rentals in other locations including Las Vegas, Phoenix, and RV Rental Salt Lake City. They specialize in three sizes of easy-to-drive, fully-outfitted, and stocked campervans for road trips, camping adventures, or multi-day ski trips. 

El Monte RV: Without doubt one of America's largest motorhome rental companies, is conveniently located just 4 miles from downtown Orlando. It has a great reputation for service and also offers a wide range of RVs, from budget-friendly Class C models perfect for couples and solo travellers to spacious Class A motorhomes ideal for families and groups. 

Which Motorhome size should we book?

In the vast and exciting world of RV rentals Florida, there's a perfect match for every kind of adventurer, glamper, and road trip enthusiast. Buckle up, because we're about to dive into the diverse categories of RVs you can rent to conquer the Sunshine State:

Ultimate Luxury on Wheels: Class A Motorhomes

Class A Motorhomes :  These are large and pure luxury on wheels luxury. Think spacious living areas, plush sofas, full kitchens, and even in some models washer-dryer combos. Perfect for large families or groups seeking ultimate comfort, but remember these can be difficult to park and manoeuvre

The Stealthy Adventurer: Class B Campervans

Class B Campervans: These are much more compact and agile, these nimble vans are ideal for couples or solo travellers. Think fuel efficiency, easy parking, and fully equipped, some come with pop-up roofs for additional comfort. These are well-designed, with ample room for sleeping and surprisingly roomy interiors for cooking and lounging. 

The Family Favourite: Class C Motorhomes

Class C Motorhomes:  These are in between the A class and the B class and the most popular as they are a good size and provide acceptable comfort, Class Cs are popular for families and groups of 4-6. They offer a good balance of living space, with separate sleeping areas, kitchens, and bathrooms. Due to the popularity of this class they do sell out quickly so please book early.

Hiring a motorhome in Florida? Read our suggested itineraries

Key Largo to Key West:

Driving from the ‘top’ of the Florida Keys south to Key West is probably the most scenic drive in Florida. Some of the state’s most famous beaches are located here. There are RV sites dotted all along the Florida Keys, such as Geiger Key Marina Park, Sunshine Key Camping Resort and Bluewater Key Resort.

Orlando attractions:

Families cannot miss visiting the major attractions in Orlando, which can easily be covered with campervan rental. Attractions include Walt Disney World ResortSeaWorld Orlando and Universal Studios Florida. Visitors can choose from numerous camping van parks in Orlando, including Florida Recreational Park, Village Inn Recreational Vehicle Park and Barton Lake Mobile Home Park.

Explore Ocala National Forest:

Is America’s largest national forest, and self-driving is the best way to see all the sights. The pristine nature is a major attraction, but so are the activities, such as hiking and canoeing. Full-service camper parks are located in and around the forest including: Lake Bryant Mobile Home Park, Lake Ocklawaha Park and Ocala Forest Campground.

South Beach Miami

For those of you that love the surf, sun and beach, nothing is hotter than South Beach in Miami. There are 21 RV campgrounds within 25 miles of South Beach you can set up camp. Most of them have full services, but there are no RV parks directly on South Beach.

If you want to park your campervan on an inner waterway island within walking distance to a beach then Holiday Out  & Venture III is the place to park. They offer full hookups along with showers, Wi-Fi and internet access.

The Everglades

If there was ever a place where a campervan would be ideal to use and see a place, the Everglades is it. The Everglades is a US national park that spans 1.5 million acres. There are 2 campsites in the park named Flamingo and Long Pine Key Campgrounds. Flamingo has electrical hookups but no hookups at Long Pine Key Campgrounds.  

There are also 12 RV parks just outside the park system with hookups. They are all located in the southeast region boundary area. Nearly all of them have electrical, water and sewer hookups, but one with no sewer and another with no hookups at all. Are among your options

Considered one of the best places to park your campervan is the Keys Palms Luxury RV Resort that has everything you might want in hookups along with Wi-Fi, Cable TV, showers, restrooms, laundry facility and Ocean waterfront access.

When you need a campervan in Florida, check us out

These are a just a few of the better place to visit in an RV while in Florida for a once in a lifetime experience. When it comes time to rent an RV in Florida, please use our search engine so what and when you need in a campervan can be easily located. We can provide a campervan at many of the international airports and in all the major cities across Florida for your convenience.

Tips To Drive a Rental RV in Florida

Road network:

Florida has an excellent state and inter-state highway network. All roads are well-signposted and easy to navigate, even without a GPS navigator. Some of the turnpikes are toll roads, so make sure to have small change ready.

Speed limits:

Urban roads: 30 to 50kph
Provincial roads: 80 to 100kph
National roads and motorways: 110kph

Alcohol limits:

0.8 per cent; strictly enforced with fines.


Driving is on the right-hand side. Seatbelts are mandatory for all passengers. Children under five years of age must use a car seat. It is illegal to overtake a school bus in Florida.

When is the cheapest time to rent an RV in Florida 

Finding the cheapest time to rent an RV in Florida depends on several factors, but here's a breakdown of some of the key factors

Time of Year

Most Floridian campervan rental companies use a season pricing system, with 3 main seasons, High, Low and Middle

  • Peak season (June-August): Expect the highest prices due to high demand from tourists. Avoid this if you prioritize budget.
  • Shoulder or middle seasons (May, September-October): Prices drop slightly and crowds dwindle, offering a good balance.
  • Off-season or low season (November-April): The cheapest rates, but some businesses may have limited inventory or be closed.

RV type and duration:

  • Longer rental more expensive, but lower daily rate, perfect duration for best overall rate is normally 14 days
  • Smaller 2 berth campervans are always going to cheaper than larger class A motorhomes.
  • Rental Supplier : We have rates of offer from a range of RV rental companies with depots in Florida the sunshine state, enter your travel dates and compare the deals currently of offer

RV Rental Florida - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minium age to rent a campervan in Florida?

The minimum age to rent and drive any of the campervans offered by our RV Rentals partners is 21.

Is a special (heavy vehicle) HT Licence Required?

No special licence required, All RV Rental Florida suppliers will accept your standard driving licence. 

How much does it cost to rent an RV in Florida?

This will depend on 2 key factors. The first will be the actual motorhome or RV, the larger, the more expensive, secondly will be the duration of the RV rental. Longer RV rentals will be more expensive than shorter rentals, but the daily rate will be reduced so longer rentals can be more cost-effective. So rather than booking for 10 days, why not book for 14 days, it could actually work out cheaper! 

  • Class A motorhomes: The largest and most luxurious option, costing between $200 - $550 per night on average.
  • Class B campervans: Smaller and more fuel-efficient, ranging from $97 - $400 per night.
  • Class C motorhomes: A blend of size and amenities, averaging $135 - $450 per night.

To get a more accurate estimate for your specific needs, I recommend entering your travel dates into the booking engine, click here to get started. The results page offers a range of filters that will let you easily filter the results, showing only campervans that meet with group trip requirements.

Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

All rentals must be returned with the same amount of fuel, this is normally with a full tank, but some suppliers may provide same to same so if it is half full you only need to return with half a tank etc. Confirm this before setting off.

Are there RV rentals available with unlimited mileage?

This will depend on the actual RV rental supplier. On the results page, you can check under the campervan listing details to see if this option is available with any of the providers. If not, you'll be able to view the additional rates for extra mileage. Book a motorhome today and discover the many attractions in Colorado

Can I pick up in Denver and Drop Off at another rental depot?

If the rental provider has a depot at the desired drop-off location then a one way RV rentals USA is possible, but a one way fee will normally apply and this will be detailed on the results page 

Top Florida Campervan Parks

The choice of where to park up is vast in the state of Florida with so much choice we have given mention to  top 5 campervan parks in Florida. Many others exist, but we hope this acts as a starting point in your research.

Compare Campervan Hire Florida Options

Visitors can choose from a whole range of RVs to rent in Florida, whether it’s a small camping car for two or an extra-large van that will sleep six or more. We have put together the best deals on renting a campervan letting you easily compare prices and availability. 

RV rentals can be booked online  from all the major airports in Florida including Miami International Airport , Orlando International Airport, Ft Lauderdale and all major cities such as Key West, Tampa and Palm Beach.

Looking to start your US adventure in a different city, or thinking of a USA one way RV rental?  The choice is yours, book a motorhome rental in Denver, Colorado and explore at your own pace! Also browse and book motorhome rentals from Chicago to Los Angeles, all with unbeatable offers and service from RVRentaCampervan

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