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Compare RV Rental Salt Lake City

Don't just dream of adventure, live it. Book your Salt Lake City RV Rental today and unlock your unforgettable Utah holiday. Every mile reveals a new vista, every sunrise a fresh promise. The Mighty 5 awaits, and your RV is the key to unlocking its magic

Campervan rental Salt Lake City is available from a wide range of RV rental suppliers. They all offer a wide range of small budget two berth campers to full size luxury RVs. Book campervan rental Salt Lake City early to avail of any early bird deals. Most suppliers do not offer free miles, but you can purchase these in advance. Also look out for suppliers that have offers, such as free additional driver

Salt Lake is a hub for outdoor enthusiasts looking for an action-packed holiday featuring rock climbing, hiking or mountain biking. Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah, is well-known as the base of the Mormon Church. Places of interest include Temple Square, which houses Salt Lake Temple and Lion House. For those interested in animal life, there is Hogle Zoo with its large elephant and primate exhibits and the Living Planet Aquarium, which has interesting information on life in Utah waters.

The road network makes it convenient to travel the area using RV rental and the I-80, the I-15 and the I-215 provide access to the city. Traffic congestion is minimal and it is easy to find parking spaces on the outskirts of the city.

RV Rental Salt Lake City

Campervan Rental Salt Lake City Rental Trips

  • Capitol Reef National Park
  • Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Zion National Park
  • Canyonlands National Park
  • Craters of the Moon
  • Bonneville Salt Flats

Salt Lake City to Yellowstone:

Take the 15N, which passes through the Teton Valley and stop over at Victor and Tetonia. The drive takes you through rolling farmlands with beautiful views of the Tetons. Henry’s Fork is a good fishing spot, and another attraction worth a visit is Mesa Falls. Camper sites can be found in Tetonia and Yellowstone National Park.

Skyline Drive:

This 35km drive heads north from Salt Lake City and features alpine scenery with colourful rock formations. Stop at Farmington Canyon along the way, and camper sites are available in Woods Cross and Bountiful.

Northern Utah:

Explore northern Utah to see the Timpanogos National Monument as well as Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. Take the back way past Cascade Springs and end by visiting Fork Canyon. If you are looking to spend the night, head to Draper or Sandy.

National Parks Near Salt Lake City

Tips To Drive a Rental RV in Salt Lake City

Road network:

Interstate 80 divides the city and the layout follow a grid system, which makes it easy to find your chosen destination. There are ample petrol stations.

Speed limits:

Rural Freeway:120kps
Urban Freeway:104kps
School Zone:32kps

Alcohol limits:

Do not drink and drive; the maximum blood alcohol level permitted by law is 0.08 per cent.


Salt Lake City is relatively crime free but exercise caution in areas such as Pioneer Park. Drivers are prohibited from using a mobile phone while operating a vehicle.

Top Brands Offering Denver RV Rental - Instant Confirmation with Cruise America

Salt Lake City and this region boasts a thriving RV rental scene, catering to a wide range seeking budget to luxury style campervan rental adventures. To get the best deal for your Colorado RV rental adventure, comparing options from various brands is key. Here's a quick guide to get you started:

More than 200 professional partners around the world

Compare our rates with our competitors or direct rental companies and choose us!

Road Bear
El Monte RV Rental USA

Cruise America: Another major player, Cruise America specializes in affordable campervans and Class C motorhomes. Their user-friendly booking system and one-way rentals make them ideal for flexible road trips.

Indie Campers: Known for their quirky, vintage van rentals, Indie Campers injects a touch of personality into your Colorado trip. Their unique fleet caters to budget-conscious travellers seeking a retro adventure.

Lost Campers, Utah: Unleash your Utah adventure with Lost Campers, they offer a good range of affordable campervan just minutes from Salt Lake City Airport. Choose from comfy vans for 2–5 people (Sierra & Hotel Sierra) with the option of a rooftop tent for extra space. The Redwood sleeps 6, perfect for family getaways. Or, keep it simple with the Wanderer a compact sleeper van ideal for couples. No obvious branding means you can blend in like a local. Choose your wheels, choose your freedom. Book your Lost Camper today and explore Utah on your own terms!

Escape Campers Salt Lake Cirt ? Ditch the hotel shackles and unlock Utah's breathtaking landscapes with Escape Campers, conveniently located near Salt Lake City Airport. Here's your gateway to iconic red rock wonders and endless outdoor thrills.

Choose from an iconic campervan from  a range of motorhomes that include:

  • Wanderlust Compact: Perfect for solo adventurers or couples, this fuel-efficient van sleeps two comfortably and fits all your essentials. Hit the gas and hit the trails!
  • Nomad Standard: Upgrade your space with this four-person campervan featuring a cozy bed and kitchenette. Perfect for families or small groups seeking convenience and comfort.
  • Nomad Plus: Embrace spaciousness! This five-person behemoth (with optional rooftop tent) caters to larger groups or explorers who love to spread out. Pack your gear, friends, and sense of adventure!

All Escaper campervans are fully equipped: Every van comes stocked with the essentials – linens, cookware, cooler, camp chairs – so you can focus on planning your trip.

Native Campervans: This is a new campervan rental company operating in the American West, currently offering Denver RV rentals plus rentals in other locations including Las Vegas, Phoenix, and RV Rental Salt Lake City. They specialize in three sizes of easy-to-drive, fully-outfitted, and stocked campervans for road trips, camping adventures, or multi-day ski trips. 

El Monte RV: Renowned for their extensive fleet of Class A, B, and C motorhomes, El Monte RV rental USA offers convenient locations and competitive rates. You'll find everything from budget-friendly rigs to luxury liners. If you are after luxury RV rental Denver, El Monet offer the Class A Family Sleeper RV a luxury campervan suitable for small families or small group travel

Campervan Hire, Salt Lake City, Utah - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minium age to rent a campervan in Salt Lake City?

The minimum age to rent and drive any of the campervans offered by our RV Rentals partners is 21. Some will impose a daily underage charge for those under 25 this will be made clear along with any other additional fees will be made clear on the booking page

Is a special (heavy vehicle) HT Licence Required?

No special licence required, All RV Salt Lake City suppliers will accept your standard driving licence. 

How much does it cost to rent an RV in Salt Lake City?

This will depend on 2 key factors. The first will be the actual motorhome or RV, the larger, the more expensive, secondly will be the duration of the RV rental. Longer RV rentals will be more expensive than shorter rentals, but the daily rate will be reduced so longer rentals can be more cost-effective. So rather than booking for 10 days, why not book for 14 days, it could actually work out cheaper! 

  • Class A motorhomes: The largest and most luxurious option, costing between $200 - $550 per night on average.
  • Class B campervans: Smaller and more fuel-efficient, ranging from $97 - $400 per night.
  • Class C motorhomes: A blend of size and amenities, averaging $135 - $450 per night.

To get a more accurate estimate for your specific needs, I recommend entering your travel dates into the booking engine, click here to get started. The results page offers a range of filters that will let you easily filter the results, showing only campervans that meet with group trip requirements.

Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

All rentals must be returned with the same amount of fuel, this is normally with a full tank, but some suppliers may provide same to same so if it is half full you only need to return with half a tank etc. Confirm this before setting off.

Are there RV rentals available with unlimited mileage?

In general, unlimited miles is not available in the USA. On the results page, you can check under the campervan listing details to see if this option is available with any of the providers. If not, you'll be able to view the additional rates for extra mileage. Book a motorhome today and discover the many attractions in Colorado

How far in advance should I book a one war RV hire?

The demand for one way rentals in both Canada and USA is huge with thousands of booking each year, unfortunately many more are unable to book as they have left it too late, and the suppliers have no longer any availability, especially during the high season summer months.

Avoid being disappointed by booking 6 months in advance for the months of July to August

The last piece of advice is to get your one RV booking confirmed before booking flights and hotels.

Can I pick up in Salt Lake and Drop Off at another rental depot?

If the rental provider has a depot at the desired drop-off location then a one way RV rentals USA is possible, but a one way fee will normally apply and this will be detailed on the results page. The most popular request currently is for RV rental Salt Lake City to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City to Yellowstone. 

** Note: policies vary from supplier to supplier. Always check the T&Cs for your rental.

Compare Campervan Rental Salt Lake City

Camping Vans are available from Salt Lake City city center or Salt Lake City International Airport. Our website allows you to review vehicle models including the C25 Class C Motorhome, the C28 Class C Motorhome and the AS32 Class A Motorhome Slide Out.