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Bellingham RV Rental

Bellingham, the northernmost city in the state of Washington, is found in the stunning Northern Cascades region, which is famed for its mountains, lakes and plethora of outdoor activities. The city is a fantastic place to start exploring this spectacular region, hiring a camper car or larger van is a popular way to see the sights.

A self-drive tour of the area allows visitors to explore Whatcom Falls Park, enjoy outdoor activities at the popular Mount Baker, visit wineries and have fun in Bellingham Bay. RV selection in Bellingham is plentiful, with adequate Camping parks at every turn.

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Bellingham WA RV Rental  Touring Suggestions

The North Cascade Loop:

this is the most scenic and most popular drive, taking travellers east along Highway 20, through the magnificent mountains, past rivers and rolling valleys, and to lovely islands. On this beautiful drive, stay overnight at the Concrete/Grandy Creek KOA, Gorge Lake Campground or Silverline Resort.

Bellingham to Seattle coastal drive:

a beautiful drive from Bellingham all the way to the Olympic National Park via Seattle, with stops along the way. Discover the Everett Marina Village from Maple Grove RV Resort, visit the Wild Waves Enchanted Village amusement park from Dash Point State Park and explore the Olympic National Park from Cresent Beach & RV Park.

Mount Baker Highway:

from Bellingham northeast along this scenic highway into the spectacular Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. Here, visitors can enjoy skiing, hiking, mountaineering and snowboarding. On this drive, rest overnight at Douglas Fir Campground or Silver Fir Campground.

Driving Tips

Road network:

: numerous highways and lesser routes serve the city, winding through the mountains, along the coast and into the rural areas. A number of petrol stations can be found here.

Speed limits:

Urban roads: 25 mph (unless posted differently)Provincial roads: 60 mphNational roads and motorways: 70 mph

Alcohol limits:

0.08 per cent; attentive police and heavy fines for violators.


like the rest of the US, driving is on the right, with AA responding well in cases of emergency. Caution should be taken when driving in the mountains in the winter. Motorists are warned to check for closures before heading out.

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We have put together a list of the best mobile home rentals available in Bellingham. Vehicles can be picked up right in the city centre from known suppliers, such as Compass and El Monte RV. Models on offer include the Ford C28, the Chevy C26 and the Ford FS31.

El Montre RVEl Monte service Bellingham from5242 Pacific Highway,Ferndale,WA 98248