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In Australia we use Apollo . Apollo maintain a fleet of campervan and motorhome rental fleets in Australia and New Zealand. Apollo offer branches in Darwin, Pert and all major tourist areas. Discover the Australia in a  Apollo motorhome , good service and good rates and and well equipped rental vans.

Apollo Motorhomes Australia is an Australian company launched to provide a great service to local and international customers. The pride themselves in their reputation which they have earned over time. Along with service comes great coverage with depots across Oz and wide selection of available campervans.

More recently they have faced new competition in the smaller campervan or camping car market for new starts like Spaceships Australia and Jucy Australia.  These 2 players have carved out a new marketplace for the budget minded traveler who likes fun and comfort. Apollo has gauth the wave with the introduction of their new Vivid camper that. They have also set themselves apart by basing the camper on the German Mercedes Benz and not the ever reliable Toyota.

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The Apollo Fleet

All motorhomes and campervans available from Apollo in Australia are under 3 years old and under 150,000km. At that stage in the camper lifecycle it is passed to Apollo's sister company Cheapa Campa that deals more to the budget campervan market.

Vivid Camper - 4 Berth

This model has been added recently to rival offerings by spaceships and Jucy Australia. It can be described as a compact 4 berth van. The interior provides kitchen and sleeping facilities for 4 persons. 2 below and 2 in the roof top tent.  The design is original and practical and it is proving to be very popular choice amongst holiday makers visiting Australia in 2019.

Euro 4 Berth Motorhone

Euro Camper motorhome  4 berth with Apollo-min

This is classed as a motorhome being much larger than the campervan models. It comes with extra space and added luxury. Easy access to rear from the front of the van. It comes as you would expect with TV, Entertainment System, Microwaves, hithen facilities and that all important shower and toilet.    

Trailfinder Campervan 4wd - 2 Berth

4wd 2 Berth Trailfinder

This is the choice for the adventurous who do not wish to be limited by the terrain for the places that they can explore. It has character with a large slide out kitchen and the much need pop up tent roof. The pop up roof gives that added piece of comfort after a long day exploring.

Apollo Reviewed

Apollo have a strong preence not only in Australia, but in the UK, Canada, NZ and the USA. They have been able to grow because they have been reconised as quaklity brand with a high level of customers errvices. Add to this the wide range ov campervans for hire and they operate a match price guarantee.

Like some other campervan rental companies they have taken some criticism for the delay in returning customers excess deposits. The excess is an amount reserved against your card at the start of the rental and is cancelled on returning the campervan without damage.  To be the top rental company this is something they need to take action on and we hope they listed to their customers feedback on this one.