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Canadream RV Rentals Calgary, Halifax, Whitehorse

Canadream RV Rental began in 1995 and has grown in that time to become one of the industry leaders in RV rentals and sales north of the border in Canada. Their trademark slogan is ‘experience Canada at your own pace’ which is so true. With a fleet of over 800 RVs ready to be rented out for anyone to explore the great outdoors in Canada, they are the place to begin your next great adventure.  

Canadream RV Rental have rental depots at the following locations in Canada and growing Vancouver and Kelowna, British Columbia; Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta; Toronto, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; Halifax, Nova Scotia and Whitehorse, Yukon.

Canadream is a market leader in the Canadian RV Rental Industry and continues to grow to meet the demand from both international tourists and local Canadians all seeking to experience Canada's vast unspoiled natural landscape and its magnificent Natural Parks all in the comfort of a luxury motorhomes or smaller camper vans.

The vehicles in the fleet are purchased new with meticulous details kept on their maintenance so each rental is a worry free adventure for their valued customers.

Canadream RV Rental Location

There are locations an RV can be picked up from Canadream  RV Rentals from coast to coast and across Canada. The seven locations it is possible to rent out a great roadworthy RV include 2 locations in Calgary, Alberta. There are also one location in each of the following cities Halifax, Nova Scotia; Montreal, Québec; Toronto, Ontario; Vancouver, British Columbia and Whitehorse, Yukon.

Best reasons to rent and RV from Canadream

  • Best reasons to rent and RV from CanaDream

  • This is an RV rental company that has a policy to make sure their RVs exceed the expectations of their customers.

  • Every one of the more than 800 RVs are clean and in premium condition so they are road worthy and ready for adventure in the great outdoors of Canada.

  • With each RV rental there is 24/7 roadside assistance no matter where you travel.

  • Each of the RVs has stoves, refrigerators, air conditioning, heaters, and flushing toilets.

  • No special driver’s license required to operate any of the RVs that are being offered for rental.

Types of RV available for Rental from Canadream RV Rentals

There are five basic types of RV available to rent for customers to choose from. The two larger RVs are equipped to sleep 6 people. There are also RVs ready for 4, 3 or 2 occupants. Two of the models have sliding out rooms for additional space when parked. All RVs are equipped with both smoke and CO detectors.

  • The Maxi Motorhome sleeps 6.

  • The Midi Motorhome also sleeps 6.

  • The Super Van Camper sleeps 4.

  • The Maxi Travel Camper sleeps 3.

  • The Deluxe Travel Camper sleeps 2.

Canadream RV Rental is the company that will provide the means for a nature filled vacation for those looking for adventure in the north. With rental and drop off locations across Canada and on both coasts, there is no limit to the adventures you can have.

Phone CanaDream
Local: 1-888-480-9726
International (UK): 0-808-168-0045

Canadream RV Rental
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