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Drive Beyond 4WD Campervan Rental Australia Reviews

Drive Beyond Australia
Drive Beyond Australia

The Drive Beyond Company which is no longer in business took renting campervans down a new path. They specialized in renting out 4 x 4 off road campers specially equipped to handle rough terrain.  To accommodate all the extra gear, the sleeping quarters are on the roofs of the vehicle where tents are placed.

This was of three off road campervans rental companies available in Australia. The depot locations of Drive Beyond included their main office in Perth, but vehicles could also be picked up in Darwin, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Drive Beyond Fleet Review

The 5 available vehicles were all 4 wheel drive diesel powered Nissan campervans and are made for traveling off the paved roads of Australia in the Outback. With the sleeping quarters in the tents on top, the rest of the equipment was in the main cargo area. Inside the cargo area is a fridge, house battery, and a toilet. The shower unit was a hose and used outside. On top of the cab was a solar power panel for the generation of electricity. The number of sleeping spaces is from 2 to 5. On the back of the camper unit is a tented area that can be used for cooking or a shelter if needed.

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Because most renters that use these vehicles were nowhere close to help or a repair shop, the vehicles had extras that can come in very handy. Each campervan has 2 spare tires, a snatch strap and a pair of bow shackles. To help you dig out of a rut there is also a pair of work gloves and a folding shovel.

Extras not available with most Campervan Rental Agencies

Because different terrains require different tire pressures for maximum grip, there is a 12v air compressor in the campervan. To assist the adventurer there is a tire pressure gauge and guide that covers the correct pressure for every terrain in the Outback.  

Since some of the terrain in the Outback is classified as extreme, there were many locations the renter would have to notify the Drive Beyond office and get written permission to take the vehicle there.

This was a campervan company that had a great idea and many people used them while they are in business for their Outback adventures. While it was not a luxuries setup, it was what is needed to handle the terrain and remoteness of the Outback that many enjoyed.