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For those of you that want to travel in a luxury RV when in Australia, then the Let’s Go Motorhomes is the campervan service you need to explore. They have been in business for more than 20 years. In 2016 they became backed by Jayco Group which is the market leader in RV production. This made it possible for Let’s Go Motorhomes to expand and offer more models. It also provided the customers more repair facilities if something were to go wrong with the RV.

There are 10 different depots a campervan can be picked up from, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Cairns, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Coff Harbor, Newcastle and Dubbo. Both campervans and motorhomes are available.

Lets go Motorhomes Australia

Let’s Go Motorhomes Fleet Review

There are 3 different styles of campervans and 5 different types of motorhomes you can choose from. The number of people that can have a berth in the campervans are either 2 or 3. In the motorhomes the number of berths is from 2 to 6. The base vehicles for these units include Toyota, Mercedes, Fiat and Renault.


All of the campervans are hi-tops which raise the ceiling for easier maneuvering inside and the average person can stand up and walk around the unit. They come with either diesel or petrol power units. Each one is equipped with a sink, stove, microwave, air conditioning, fresh water tank and refrigerator. There are no toilets or showers.


Each motorhome is diesel powered and equipped with both showers and toilets with a grey water tank to store the waste. They also come with a sink, stove, microwave, refrigerator, fresh water tank, TV, DVD player, air conditioning, reversing camera and a roll out awning. The larger models also have a built in grill. The high ceiling makes it possible for the average person can stand up and walk around the unit.

Vehicle Age 

The fleet can range from 1 to 7 years, but are well maintained

Extra Amenities

To help the customers enjoy their trip more each of the campervans and motorhomes rented are equipped with cooking and eating utensils, linen and bedding, outdoor table and chairs, 24 hour roadside assistance service, road atlas and campground guide along with a fire extinguisher.

For traveling the paved roads of Australia, the Let’s Go Motorhomes has a unit to rent with the most important amenities you need so comfort and relaxation in a luxurious setting is possible. Below we have reviewed the members of the current camper fleet.`

lets go Hilltop 2 berth

The HiTop is based on the ever reliable Toyota Hiace. Whilst in the base range it does have a fridge( small ) plus sink, stove and a microwave. The dining area doubles as a sleeping area. Take note no toilet facilities in this model and best suited to a couple looking after the purse strings

Let's Go Campervan Hire: 4.7/5
(Based on 11 reviews)
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