McRent New Zealand Campervan Hire

McRent one of the mist established campervan rental companies in Europe is now providing the same top class service in New Zealand. Currently offering a range of campervans from both Auckland and Christchurch in the South Island.

Europe does have a few big players in the campervan rental market with Mcrent and Touring cars being two of them.The positive reputation that it deserves should make it  a popular choice especially for Europeans who are visiting NZ for a campervan holiday. NZ is the ideal country bfro a 1 one way rental normally started off from Auckland and ending in the Christchurch South Island. Mcrent have depots in both these locations and are a good choice for a one way campervan adventure.

McRent New Zealand

McRent NZ Fleet

In keeping with their repuation fro quality all vehicles within the MCRenta fleet are under two years old. These vehicles are designed and manufactured by Erwin Hymer Group so top quality and luxury are not ab afterthought.  The Alcove campervan like others on the fleet cleverly make use of seats that can convert into beds providing ample sleeping area plus another sleepin area for two aboive the drivers cab.

The vans are well fitted out with most having good storage and extras such as awning or bike racks as standard. In side the vans are also practical with fully equipped cooking are

Compact Plus

McRent Comfort 2 berth plus NZ

This is the base model and is suitable for 2 adults or 2 adults and one small one. It is more expensive than other alternatives but does come with an awning, bike rack and an interior that is smartly designed providing a decent living and sleep space,

Final Thoughts

Well engineered vans of high quality and good customer service all come together to provide travelers to New Zealand with an excellent campervan rental service. However these standards do come at a cost so expect to pay more and in return be assured of  a great trouble free McRent New Zealand campervan rental.

McRent Campervan NZ: 4.9/5
(Based on 26 reviews)
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