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All the motorhomes that Go West / Owasco RV Rental provide for rental are a maximum of two years old, making them a great choice for a reliable vehicle. They know their customers and have gone as far as to offer rentals on mountain bikes and bike racks. They have also decided to offer after hour emergency assistance for their customers, knowing this is a special part of your driving experience – knowing you are truly not alone if trouble comes your way.

Go West has been in business since 1975, a long time organization that has only grown since. Their dedication to customer service and renting top-quality RV's is precisely what people need when they are making a trip across Canada using Go West. They are considered the longest established motorhome company in Canada. You can find their head offices in Calgary as well as Vancouver.

OWASCO West RV Fleet

All of their RV's that are 26' ft and up come with slide-out large beds to make sure you are extra comfortable after a day of exploring. They currently offer over 12 different vehicles to tailor to you, the driver. Ranging from their budget to luxurious, you can certainly find something to cater your needs. Their most popular and budget option is the simple 19' van conversation with a rear double berth that sleeps two. If you require something larger, try out their 30' Double Slide RV that can sleep 4 adults and 2 children and has 5 berths. If you want something luxurious, look no further than the triple-side A30' motorhome that features 4 berths. With their 12 different vehicles, you will certainly get a great vehicle that you are looking for, no matter how large or small your group of friends or family! Book your Owasco Motorhome Hire in Canada with RVRentaCampervan toay.

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