Road Bear USA

Road Bear RV USA is known in the US for their high quality recreational vehicle rentals. This established business has been providing the best and newest RVs rentals for the past 30 years. This is a family friendly and safety focused business that puts quality of their RV and the children that ride in them a top priority. The company motto is “The Customer is King”.

road bear RV Rentals

Road Bear RV Rental locations in America

Road Bear RV has 8 locations that include the four corners of the country and parts in-between for convenient pickups and drop-offs. The locations include Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Los Angeles, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, North Middletown, New Jersey near New York City; Orlando, Florida; San Francisco, California and Seattle, Washington.

Reasons to go to Road Bear RV for your next RV Rental

  • Newest rental fleet available with a guarantee your RV will be either a 2018 or 2019 made unit.

  • Convenience kits for children under 7.

  • Cab-over child safety nets.

  • Tethers for child safety seats in all RVs.

  • Every RV has ACs, heaters, generators, microwaves, awnings and camping tables.

  • 24/7 emergency assistance.

The variety of RV to choose from at Road Bear RV

There are 5 different models to rent that were manufactured by Coachman and Thor for you to choose from. There are 4 models with cab over beds and the largest being a class A RV. All models have refrigerators and freezers, toilets, stove top, sink, shower, cruise control, fire extinguisher, automatic transmission and are 2 wheel drive.

  • The Class C 21’ to 23’ cab over sleeps 4 in 3 beds.

  • The Class C 22’ to 24’ cab over sleeps 5 in 3 beds.

  • The Class C 25’ to 27’ cab over sleeps 6 in 4 beds.

  • The Class C 28’ to 30’ cab over sleeps 7 in 4 beds.

  • The Class A 30’ to 32’ sleeps 6 in 4 beds.

No matter where you want to start from or end up, there is a location close by for pickup and drop-off across America from Road Bear RV. For those flying in, Road Bear RV offers transport to and from airports and one way trips are always an option to fit the needs of the customer, who is always king.

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