Space Ships

Why Spaceships Rentals Australia

Spaceships Rentals Australia is a popular choice if working within a tight budget. Over the years they have acquired a very good reputation. The vans come with lots of amenities and the price quoted is what you pay, unless you need to add extras

Depot Locations

You can pick up your spaceship rental at Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne or Sydney. One way rentals between depots is also possible, but please book early for an Australian one way rental. 

Fleet Categories

The vehicles are modified Toyota 'people movers' and should be viewed as across between an mpv and a campervan. The front seats swivel and the rear space is used to accommodate a bed and table. The great advantage is the ease of driving as it is really a small MPV with some modifications to the interior<

The Alpha

Space Ships 2 Berth camping car

Space ships launched with the Alpha model. This the base model and lacks some of the extras available with other later models.The interior will have a good size double bed, a cooker, dvd/cd player and a small fridge.

The Beta

Spaceships Beta Model

Based on the reliable Toyata Previa the is comes with 2 berths and side door that slides open to give more access. In addition the Beta comes with its own awning which helps extend your work relaxing space.Whilst seats are available for 4 , you may need to bring an additional tent for extra privacy and comfort. 


The excess is $3,000 taken by credit card only. This can be reduced  $1,500  for a daily payment of  $20. Full reduction is also available , but at  $20 per day. Full reduction includes cover to tires , windows and underside. 

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