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Travellers Autobarn Australia

Travellers Autobarn
Travelers Autobarn Campervans Australia

Travellers Autobarn Australia offer a wide range of well-maintained campervans. These range from budget-friendly 2-berth campers to luxurious 4-berth motorhomes. They are experts in campervan rental and can also provide helpful information on camping and caravanning, as well as a range of travel accessories.

For the budget and young travellers in Australia there is the Travellers Autobarn who is set up to assist you with your campervan, van and station wagon needs. They have been in business since 1993 and are one of the few campervan rental businesses that rent to people under the age of 21 and do not charge a young driver’s fee.

Travellers Autobarn AU caters to budget-conscious travellers and backpackers. These budget campers provide a cost-effective way to explore without breaking the bank. While some of these vehicles may show signs of wear and tear, they still offer a comfortable and functional travel experience. Be sure to act fast to secure one of these bargain rentals.

Travellers Autobarn Locations

Travellers Autobarn (AU) have 6 depots located across Australia. They can be found in where their first one was opened in Sydney and have now expanded to Cairns, Brisbane, Melbourne, Darwin and Perth. This can make them an option for one way campervan hire, Australia. You can pick up from one of six cities. You have a choice on the East Coast between Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns.  Further south, you can pick up a station-wagon Southern in Melbourne. In the very hot, sunny north, their depot is located in Darwin. For those going West, you may collect your vehicle from Perth on the Indian Ocean coast.   

  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Darwin
  • Perth
  • Cairns

Why Book With Autobarn?

First off, they have won the TNT Golden Backpack Award three times since 2007, showcasing their excellence as a national transport company. Australians rely on them to facilitate their adventures, and you can trust them too!

  • Minimum rental age is 18, unlike other companies requiring 21 or 25.
  • Enjoy 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Rentals include bedding and kitchen gear, reducing luggage
  • Extras: maps, camping guides
  • 10% off select caravan parks.

Travellers Autobarn Fleet Review

Great, 80%  | 2000 + Reviews

Travellers Autobarn HiTop


  • 2 Burner Gas Hob
  • AC in drivers cab
  •  CD/Radio

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Great, 80%  | 2000 + Reviews

Travellers Autobarn Chubby


  • Manual Transmission
  • AC in drivers cab
  •  CD/Radio

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Great, 80%  | 2000 + Reviews

Travellers Autobarn Kuga


  • 2 Burner Gas Hob
  • AC in drivers cab
  •  CD/Radio

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The station wagon and vans are equipped with a portable gas stove, air conditioning and an ice box. The vans also have a sink and water tank. The campervans have a stove, fridge and microwave. All the units come with linen, cooking and eating utensils, CD players and a fire extinguisher. The hi-top campervans also have more than 2 meters of clearance on the interiors. All models have 2 USB power plug-ins, except the station-wagon. 

Also, available for all units are baby seats and booster seats to help keep the younger members safe.

The vans are on the old side, but they have been refitted recently

  • Travellers Autobarn Campers - 2 x Passengers 1 x Double Bed,  Vehicle Age: 2010- 2014  Interior Age 2018-2019
  • Traveller's Autobarn Kuga -  2 adults and 1 Child, 1 x Double Bed, 1 Single Bed, Vehicle Age: 2010- 2016 Interior Age 2016-2020
  • Traveller's Autobarn HI5 -  4 pax, 2 double beds, Vehicle Age: 2010 to 2015 
  • Travellers autobarn chubby campervan :  2 x Passengers 1 x Double Bed,  Vehicle Age: 2010- 2014  Interior Age 2018-2019

Extras not available with most Campervan Rental Agencies

There are extra benefits of renting from Travellers Autobarn on all rentals that includes free access to camp sites, a 10% discount at premium camp grounds, TAB drive guide where more discounts can be located, unlimited mileage on all trips, 24/7 roadside assistance, free TAB app where you can find road trip information and a free road atlas.

For one way trips out of Brisbane there is no one way fee applied which save the traveler$200. There are also Budgie vans for rent from $39 to $65 with drop-offs at any depot.

For those that want to go surfing, the rental of a vehicle comes with one free surfing lesson.

Do I need to be a certain age to hire with Autobarn?

The minimum age requirement for hiring with Travellers Autobarn is 18 years old. Drivers must also have a full, valid driving licence and should have at least two years of driving experience. The lead driver must also present a valid credit card for the local refundable deposit. The age limit is currently 80 years old.

Book Early For Best Choice

This Australian campervan rental supplier is aimed at both the young that wish to rent a campervan or camping van for exploring the Outback or coastline while still on a tight budget. It is true the vehicles age are from 2005 to 2014 with the more expensive ones being the newer models, but they are low in cost to rent. Overall, the fleet of campervans is great for those looking for an affordable campervan holiday solution. The vans are well-maintained and come with a range of features necessary to make your camper trip comfortable. The vans are well-equipped with a kitchen area, a toilet and shower, as well as plenty of storage space. 

Travellers Autobarn Campervans Australia: 4.7/5
(Based on 26 reviews)