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July 2023

Motorhome & Campervan Hire - RVRentaCampervan


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Who we are

For over two decades, has been assisting those in search of a good value campervan holiday. We offer great value for money and provide all the information required, to enable our customers to easily rent a campervan that will meet fully with their travel requirements.     

Key Takeaway :  We only include established rental companies on our booking engine to ensure consistent quality

Rent a campervan early for 2024

Campervan rental is back on the upward trend after several years of decline attributed to the pandemic. During that time, many suppliers had to off load some of their fleet and pause on any fleet renewals. The result in 2023 is that demand can exceed vehicle availability, so please book early in 2024.

To get the best price, it is important to book early. When demand is high and campervan sell-out, the rates jump and the available options begin to fall. By making a reservation as far in advance as possible, you lock in to a low rate, giving you more cash in hand for other items to enjoy on your great adventure. If in doubt, don't forget, all our rentals come with we offer the lowest price guarantee.

After you enter your travel dates, you can filter the search results using the panel on the left side of the screen. At some of the more popular locations, you will be offered a wide choice of rental vehicles. The range will include small budget camping cars to 2 berth campers with shower, all the way up to a luxury 6 berth campervans.

Rent a campervan anywhere in the world

All that is necessary for you to get your reservation is to know the size of your group. There are mobile campers made for 2 people all the way up to a family of 7 with separate berthing areas.

Our search engine provides each visitor with a choice of destinations, available campers in specific time slots, along with the ability to compare prices from many different providers around the globe. This makes it easy for each visitor to book the right mobile camper for their party at the price that fits the budget in the desired destination.

Easy side by side comparison of campervan rental deals

One of the favourite abilities of our booking site is the ability for each visitor to view different providers side by side. This allows for a direct comparison on what is being offered, where the mobile camper can be picked up along with the dates and prices. This eliminates the hassle of popping back and forth between screens when looking for the right price to fit your budget and needs.

For those that know where they want to go, we offer instant quotes and bookings. Just remember, the earlier the booking is placed, the lower the price with more choice.

compare campervan rentals

What is the cost to rent a campervan

The cost will depend on a number of factors, the size of the required motorhome, time of year, country and also the extras that you may need. Extras can include outdoor dining equipment or GPS, for example. 

The best advice is to get a free quote by entering your requirements into the booking engine above. This will then start a process to check availability and confirm dates and times. Next, you will receive an email with a confirmation. If your selected campervan is not available, we will send a list of possible alternatives that may suit with your travel plans. 

If you are travelling with kids, planning is key, try to avoid overly long road trips, and prepare games, for example printable road trip games to keep the kids and adults happy and amused.

All rentals come with includes breakdown cover 

All rentals come will include Motorhome breakdown cover with roadside assistance. Emergency contact details will be included in the rental documentation. 

Campervan Suppliers Ratings and Reviews

We only offer campervan rental from reputable companies only. In addition, we show reviews of the previous customers. Seeing five stars will assure you that the company in question deserved that rating for service provided to our customers.  We offer campervans from suppliers that include Just Go Motorhomes that have earned a reputation for quality vehicles and quality service.

Worldwide Rent a Campervan


Demand for Canada campervan hire as increased steadily as the word gets out about the stunning scenery, personal safety and friendly people. This place is big with no better way to get the most is to rent an RV, choose your pickup and drop off location. You may decide on a Canada one way RV rental.  Possibly start off from Toronto and return to Halifax or Vancouver to Calgary, the choice is yours. Suppliers will normally apply a one way fees. If applicable, this will be highlighted during the booking process.


The UK which includes Scotland, the North of Ireland and Wales. All UK campervan rental suppliers have depots at the major key ports of entry. With UK climate, it is best to plan your trip over the summer months of May until mid-September or late September if a long summer has been forecast. If you wish to see Scotland by campervan hire and also take in some of the UK countryside, a one way may be the pest option. One way is possible if the supplier have depots in both Scotland and England. Fees may apply, but this will be highlighted during the booking phase

United States

The American road trip is a classic way to enjoy all the USA has to offer. Fuel is cheap, so you can rent a campervan without too much worry about filling it up at the gas station. Pick up a Denver RV rental or Miami RV rental and start a memorable and fun packed Florida RV Rental road trip. Find out the latest promotions on one way RV rentals USA here

Rest of the world

Above is a sample of the more popular campervan rental destinations, but we also provide RV rental in Europe, where one way rentals are popular. With campervan rental Italy, Iceland campervan deals and options available in over 27 countries we can give you the best deal on any campervan holiday in 2020, 2021 and beyond.

When is the best time to rent a campervan?

This depends, if you have flexibility in choosing dates you could book in the low season, which will work cheaper than booking during peak times of the year. If you need a camper van in high season, our advice as always is to book well in advance. 

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Campervan Rental FAQ's

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

The answer is no. Where possible, the price we display covers all mandatory charges, otherwise we clearly detail any extra costs below the final summary of charges in the “Additional info about this vehicle". This is clearly displayed during the booking process, and before you are requested to enter credit card details for booking payment.

How Do I Book Extras, example a Bicycle?

Extras such as child seats or GPS may be added during the booking process, first select the vehicle, at which stage the system will display a list of optional extras available along with the price. To add an extra, simply tick the box beside the extra. All extras are optional, and you may also bring your own baby seats etc.

Does the price Quoted Include Insurance?

It is normal for the insurance to have an excess or bond, and this is the amount you would be liable for should the vehicle be damaged. Most suppliers will offer additional insurance to either reduce the excess to zero. Please note, even with full cover with zero excess, you will still need to leave a security bond. The bond/excess will be refunded in full if the vehicle is brought back in a good and clean condition. The bond/excess details will be displayed clearly after you select your vehicle and before you enter card details for booking payment.

Whilst you can reduce the excess locally by taking out extra cover with the rental company, this can work out expensive. We also offer an option to take out an excess insurance policy which will cover any excess claims made against you by the local rental company

Can I Change My Booking?

Sometimes plans change, for changes notified well in advance no charge will apply, however some changes can incur additional charges please contact us for further details. We always advise getting your flights confirmed first before booking your motorhome.

Do I Need A Special Driving Licence?

All that is required to rent any campers we offer is your full original licence which you should have held for at least 1 year, please check the terms with the supplier as some ask for a licence to have been held for 2 years, If the licence is not in the Roman Alphabet then please bring an official translation. If you are visiting a European country, it is advisable to bring both your licence from the country of residence and an international driving licence

This is my first time renting a campervan what should I know?

If this is your first time driving a campervan or if you are not familiar with the vehicle, be assured the supplier will spend as much time as needed to ensure you get to grips with everything, before leaving the depot.

What Is The Difference Between Class A, Class B And Class C

The class depends on the chassis used, Class A motorhomes are based on a bus chassis, Class B on van chassis and Class C uses a pickup chassis.

What Is The Difference Between Class A, Class B And Class C

The class depends on the chassis used, Class A motorhomes are based on a bus chassis, Class B Motorhome on van chassis and Class C uses a pickup chassis.

Are Seat Belts Compulsory?

Yes, everyone in a Motorhome must wear seat belts whilst in transit.

What Is A Safe Speed To Drive A Motorhome?

Firstly never exceed any speed limit, an RV is longer and higher than a standard car, and you will need to take this into account and drive slowly around bends and also note breaking times will be longer because of extra weight. At first, drive slowly until you become more familiar with the vehicle, driving slowly will also have the added bonus of reducing fuel consumption.

How Old Do I Need To Be Able To Drive A Campervan?

Normally 21or 23, but please check with the supplier terms before booking as some may have a higher minimum age or charge an underage driver surcharge, or they may request a higher bond to be deposited.

Is There A Minimum Hire Period To Hire A Camper Van?

The normal minimal rental is 7 days, some supplier will extend this over peak seasons or if a one way hire

Do You Refund For Unused Days ?

The supplier will not refund unused days for the simple reason that they will be unlikely to be able to rent it out over the unused period. To cover this eventuality, we advise taking out travel insurance, which covers having to shorten your holiday and return early due to unforeseen circumstances.

I am loving it, can I Extend My Rental?

After a rental has started you must contact the supplier direct to request an extension, they will check availability, please note they will also charge the local higher rate. Please always book for the number of days required, having said that extensions may be possible but will depend on factors such as season and vehicle type.

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