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Why Book RV Rental with RVRentaCampervan

  • Lowest Prices: Thousands of customers book with us each year because we offer the best prices and service in the business.
  • The best selection of camping vans : including VW pop up campervans.
  • Quality Vehicles: All of our mobile homes are of top quality and are supplied by leading industry suppliers, letting you select the model and supplier of your choice.
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    Save Money: Our booking engine is designed to save you both time and money.
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    An award winning Customer Services team: We offer local phone support in most countries worldwide.
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    Great Special Offers: Enter your booking dates and see the latest special offers on any early bird bookings for 2019.

Book early for the best online deals

Mobile campers do sell out during peak months , Easter , Christmas and the Summer months. When supply falls the companies increase the rental rate so the longer you leave booking your holiday the more expensive it will be. The first step in saving money on your holiday costs is is book early!

Booking early is the key to obtaining the lowest possible rate for your next holiday in a mobile camper. It is all about economics. When demand is high during the the time of year the annual holidays of Easter, Christmas and the long summer nights approach, rates jump and choices diminish. By making a reservation as far in advance as possible, the lowest possible rate on renting a camper will be possible giving you more cash in hand for other items to enjoy on your great adventure.

We designed this site specifically to compare rates for motorhome rentals. Back in 2001 when I was looking to book my first overseas campervan I spent ages searching the internet to find the best deal. I also noticed the smaller companies that can be as good as and normally cheaper than the branded names such as Mcrent and Apollo were even harder to find. We hope you find this comprehensive site a useful tool in helping you to compare the prices and possibilities so you can have a great holiday in 2017 and 2018 next year.

Growing Demand for Campervan Holidays

Mobile camper getaways are already very popular in the USA, Australia along with New Zealand and growing fast in both the UK and Europe. To help plan your next holiday our unique booking system can provide you with any of these destination along with the right mobile camper to fit your needs and budget.

All that is necessary for you to get your reservation is to know the size of your group. There are mobile campers made for 2 people all the way up to a family of 6 with separate berthing areas.

The locations our booking engine will provide any visitor with are on three different continents include North American, Europe and Australia. This way you can stay close to home for your next mobile camping experience or go to a far off land and see all new sites and have new experiences to enjoy. Planning your trip in advance will help you get maxiumum enjoyment from your family road trip in 2019

2018 New Envoy 26 D 100 class

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Our search engine provides each visitor with a choice of destinations, available campers in specific time slots along with the ability to compare prices from many different providers around the globe. This makes it easy for each visitor to book the right mobile camper for their party at the price that fits the budget in the desired destination.

One of the favorite abilities of our booking site is the ability for each visitor to view different providers side by side. This allows for a direct comparison on what is being offered, where the mobile camper can be picked up along with the dates and prices. This eliminates the hassle of popping back and forth between screens when looking for the right price to fit you budget and needs.

The first step toward this mobile camper dream vacation is knowing where you want to go and who is going to join you on this great adventure. If you are not sure, just visitor our website to see what is available including the special discounted offers. This includes both short term holidays and longer ones.

For those that know where they want to go, we offer instant quotes and bookings. Just remember the earlier the booking is placed, the lower the price and the wider selection that will be available.

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Number of 


Vehicle Type




jucy van

Small Panel Van

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Great for couples, easy to drive, lower ferry costs, lower fuel costs. 

Lack of space translates into being too small for proper kitchen area, or bathroom.


Medium Panel Van

Small panel van Perfect for a couple plus child, good over long distance, more comfort with added space, easy to drive.

Lacks space for full bathroom, storage space is limited, can feel cramped after a few days.


Long Panel Van

The long panel van is perfect for small families or a small group of friends, comes with kitchen and maybe a bathroom ( check individual supplier spec), good storage

Expensive on fuel, parking can take more effort and may restrict where you can visit. Bathroom not always available


Full size RV or motorhome

Ultimate in comfort and space, making it ideal for the larger family or group. All facilities that you would expect from a luxury RV camping van

Highest fuel costs, normally comes with manual shift, the most difficult when it comes to driving and parking.

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