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One Way RV Rental USA

Everyone who loves to go camping must have dreamed of long road trips from one location to another. It is no longer an impossible goal as there are ways to travel the road, camp for the night, and continue this voyage without the feeling of doubt and fear of not being able to re-trace the road you’ve travelled earlier. These are attainable through one way RV hire USA, where you can go further ahead and not worry about the road you’ve travelled from the time you arrive at your starting point.

Back in the past of America during its expansion westward, the gathering point for most was St. Louis then jump off westward on the other side of the state from Independence or St. Joseph, Missouri. From their wagon trains would take the northern route to Oregon or the southern route and end up in New Mexico or California.

Unlike the travellers in a wagon trains who would only cover 10 to 20 miles a day, those of you in a campervan can cover up to 600 to 1000 miles a day depending on how hard you want to push it. A 300 to 400 mile day push would be more enjoyable and make it possible to see more of the country up close and personal.

Travelling north to south or east to west is more convenient, especially if you plan ahead. There is certainly one starting point where you can pick up your campervan, travel the destinations in your itinerary, and drop off at the prearranged depot at the end of your trip. One way motor home rentals assure that you have easier and comfortable camping and road trips altogether. This is the best option if you travel as a family or group because it is also cost-effective, safer, and more convenient for everyone.

Recommended USA One Way RV Rentals

Before embarking on a USA RV rental road trip, be sure to check rental company policies regarding one-way rentals, including any additional fees or restrictions. Additionally, plan your route and accommodations in advance to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

  • Starting from Florida and ending in Las Vegas, Nevada. Take in all that Southern USA has to offer
  • Discover Eastern USA, start from New York and end your adventure in Orlando or Miami.
  • From coast to coast, from San Francisco to New York. Many options to go off the beaten track on this one.
  • The North route from New York to Seattle in Washington. Check out the rugged countryside.
  • Enjoy the Southern USA picking up your USA RV rental in Orlando or Miami and heading to Las Vegas, Nevada 
  • Check out the West of the USA: Options to pick up your RV rental from Seattle, Washington and return to Los Angeles or Las Vegas.

Benefits of a one way RV rental

One way RV rental comes with benefits, but it can also have some potential drawbacks. One big factor will be availability these type of adventures are in high demand and RV fleet operators limit the number of one ways based on internal logistics and demand, so please book your one RV Rental a few months in advance. Lastly, factor in the one way RV rental fee cost. In my view, the advantages of one way RV rentals or a point to point rental far outweigh the disadvantages, making them a great option for a unique and flexible holiday experience.


  • Skip the return drive: Avoid the long trip back that can be a bit boring plus tiring, especially if you are driving of the larger RV's.  
  • Potentially lower cost: In some cases, one-way rentals can be cheaper than roundtrips due to differences in fees and mileage charges. However, this depends on factors like distance, season, and rental company policies. You will also need to factor in the additional one RV rental fee that all companies will add to the base cost


  • See More: Unlike a round trip campervan rental, a one way RV rental trip lets you explore more locations on route, as you do not have to return to the original rental location. Simply arrive into one city, explore that state and fly home from a different location within the state or even a different state. This frees up time and avoids retracing your steps.
  • Save on Fuel Costs: Unlike a round trip campervan rental, a one way rental trip lets you explore more locations on route, as you do not have to return to the original rental location. Depending 
  • More Choice : No set schedule? A one way RV rental allows you the freedom to adjust your route as you go, stopping where you please long the route and stay based on the adventure factor at each location that you stop at.

The Top One Way RV Rentals

  • Seattle to San Diego (or Los Angeles)
  • Chicago to Los Angeles
  • Chicago (or Minneapolis) to Houston (or Dallas)
  • San Francisco to Washington, DC (or Baltimore)
  • Seattle to Boston (or New York)
  • Phoenix to Bellingham (or Seattle)

One Way RV Rental - The Choice

Are you setting off an on the Great American Road Trip? Are you planning your own individual roue East to West or from North to South. With the abundance of budget RV rentals available from top brand with depots in all parts of the USA, your dream can become reality. 

At the onset, be aware that not all suppliers will have depots at your proposed starting and ending point. This is when it is wise to do some up from research on the options available with the big players like Cruise America, Star Drive or El Monte RV. These and other suppliers permit one way RV Rental, but some will charge an additional charge, it really depends on the one way RV rental route and to some extent the time of the year.   

The one way RV rental style trip lets you explore everything once without having to trace your path to return to the original pickup locations. A fantastic way to get so much extra out of your great American road trip. If you are arriving from an international flight, you must rest up for one night before starting your RV adventure. The RV can often be picked up from the airport or downtown depot. Alternatively, some supplier will provide a free transfer service to their depots. 

Possible USA One Way RV Rentals

A one way RV hire USA itinerary can be the best trip of your life. As long as you know the right location to start and end your road trip, you’ll be able to enjoy the destinations along the way to maximize the time and effort that you have for this trip.

The possibilities are endless if the proposed campervan supplier have depots at both the starting and ending points. Some of the more popular ones include exploring the many National Parks. Most all have excellent facilities that include campervan parking and overnight camping parks. Would the option to start your one way adventure off in Phoenix,AZ and embark on a discovery road trip, finally reaching San Fran.  

If Orlando is on the list, why not fly into Washington DC pick up your campervan and set off along the East coast with a long stop off in Miami. Again, like most parts of America, you will have loads of options to spend your time. The kids will love the Orlando's Disney World and the many other themed parks that are everywhere in California. You could perhaps end your USA one way rental in Orland, Florida and catch a flight to return home  

one way rental USA route 66

                        Route 66 A Classic One Way RV Rental Route

No article on one way RV rental in the US would be complete without mention of the great Route 66 RV rental adventure. Almost everyone has heard of it, but not many have been able to actually do it. Again, we can provide you with the campervan that all the onboard amenities that are needed to make this once in a lifetime amazing trip. For the uninitiated, Route 66 is between Los Angeles and Chicago, venturing through California and into the heart of the US encompassing the States of New Mexico and Arizona and Illinois.

The Southern Route

Heading on the southern route or Santa Fe Trail was preferred by many since you did not have to cross the Rocky Mountains. The jumping off point was Independence, MO and the final stop was Santa Fe, New Mexico. Ironically, less than 100 years later the famous Route 66 would also follow this direction, but be just south of it.

The Santa Fe trail starts in Missouri then will go through Kansas, the pan handle of Oklahoma before entering New Mexico. Just before leaving Kansas there is a split for those wanting to see Colorado and the Rockies before turning south again, or you can just head right to Santa Fe.    

The entire path is a marked as the Santa Fe National Historic Trail by the US Park Service that makes staying on the right course easy. There are places where the ruts left by the wagons remain, along with the Trail Days Café & Museum in Council Grove, Kansas which is the oldest stone house on the trail.

The path also goes through the famous Dodge City known for where wild cowboys would unwind, gamble and fight. Still standing is the Long Branch Saloon and of course the world famous Boot Hill Cemetery.

Near the end of the trail in New Mexico are the Pecos National Historical Park and the Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Area. Both places have archaeological ruins preserved by the US Park Service, you can visit. For those wanting to continue to Los Angeles, the Old Spanish Trail is the path the wagon trains used.

The Northern Route

Going north out of Missouri is the Oregon trail. This path was taken by those heading west and spans some 2,170 miles or 3,490 km. The trail will take you through Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon.

Because of the number of people and destinations they wanted to reach, 4 other trails branched off the main trail. This includes the Denver Road to Colorado, Bozeman Trail to Montana, Mormon Trail to Utah and then on to southern California and the California trail to northern California.

The trail itself follows mainly the rivers and grass meadows so the people in the wagon trains could have fresh water and an easy trip at the beginning since the end of the trip would be brutal climbing through the Rocky Mountains.

Every state has way too many attractions and monuments to list, but the most famous is the Donner Pass where a group of Mormons who left late in the travelling year were stranded in the pass for the winter. Not everyone survived, and not all the bodies were found.

One way trips in America are as old as the country, where most were heading west. All campervan rental agencies know this and can accommodate you and your needs.

Every state has way too many attractions and monuments to list, but the most famous is the Donner Pass where a group of Mormons who left late in the travelling year were stranded in the pass for the winter. Not everyone survived, and not all the bodies were found.

Route 66

Route 66 – Since 1926 this legendary highway has been travelled by millions, cutting through the USA from Chicago to Santa Fe. On this historical route, stop and visit the thrilling Six Flags Saint Louis, the famous Cadillac Ranch, the magnificent Grand Canyon and the Mojave National Preserve, among other things. The two big brands offering Route 66 RV rental, Escape Campers and Cruise America.

Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway, California – America’s second most popular highway, this scenic drive stretches from the very southern tip of California to the top of Washington’s Olympic peninsula. It is a 500-mile-long highway that makes for a fantastic drive, with the stretch in California making for a spectacular two-week road trip. Visit such places as the scenic coastal town of Monterey, Fort Ross and the impressive Redwood National Forest, and drive across the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Going-to-the-Sun Road, Montana

Going-to-the-Sun Road, Montana – Although this road only stretches for 50 miles, it is one of the most magnificent drives in the USA. The road cuts through the scenic Glacier National Park, and the park’s most spectacular viewpoints are all dotted along this stretch of road. Some highlights along this drive include Lake McDonald, Rising Sun, Logan Pass and Saint Mary Lake.

Blue Ridge Parkway 

Blue Ridge Parkway – This 469-mile parkway travels through Virginia and North Carolina along the impressive Blue Ridge. Along the way, it passes between the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Cherokee Indian Reservation, and through the Shenandoah National Park. It is one of the most scenic drives in America, with much to see along the way.

Red Rock Country, Arizona

Red Rock Country, Arizona – Situated in Northern Arizona, this scenic area is filled with famous sites and routes, including the Red Rock Scenic Byway Road and the Desert Canyon Scenic Loop. Sedona sits in the middle of this picturesque area, which is filled with canyons, mountains, forests and wildlife, as well as numerous hiking trails.

Hana Highway, Hawaii

Hana Highway, Hawaii – This stunning 68-mile stretch in Maui, Hawaii runs from Kahului to Hāna. It is a windy drive that passes through lush tropical rainforest, over 59 bridges and around 620 curves. There are numerous waterfalls and beaches along the way, and plenty of places to take memorable photographs.

The USA will have you spoilt for sightseeing options, with everything from mountains, national parks, beaches, big cities and historical sites all within easy reach, and an RV is a popular way to traverse the country and explore all that it has to offer. In fact, the USA is an automobile country, with plenty of petrol stations, rest stops and campervan parks at every turn. It is a famous road trip destination and above are a few of the most popular one way camper routes in the USA.

Compare the prices of One Way Motorhome Hire in USA

For travellers who haven’t tried one way RV hire in the USA, this is the best time to do so. Just imagine the possibilities of visiting numerous destinations along the way without having the limits of a packaged tour that most tourists choose. Hiring a one way campervan should be your next goal, and you’ll be sure to experience the thrill and excitement from your pick-up point to drop-off location.

Campervans are typically large and built for a group of four people or more. These travel and camping vehicles are also equipped with the much-needed facilities for comfort and relaxation. But you will need to hook up at the campsite in order to replenish gas and water, and to dispose waste water as well. Apart from replenishing your utilities, you can recharge during your stay at camp, have a good meal, and enjoy a good night’s sleep together with your family or travel buddies.

As you choose the type and model of RV you would like to hire, make sure to take note of the additional costs. For example, a standard campervan without TV and DVD player is more affordable compared to a fully equipped motor home with entertainment and kitchen appliances. As the appliances and accessories add up, so do the costs involved.

As an advice, just consider renting a campervan with the utilities and accessories you cannot live without during this trip. Kitchen and bathroom utilities are the most important apart from the sleeping quarters, so if there’s no need for TV and DVD player, you can ditch these two and just make do with the built-in stereo or music player. Besides, this is a great time to enjoy the sceneries and bond with your family members or travel buddies. Each supplier will have different conditions for a one way rental, choose a supplier that offers unlimited miles.

Start comparing the costs of one way RV rental USA by entering your proposed travel dates into booking engine below and find out what great offers we have waiting for you on your one way USA adventure

We also offer a good selection of rental RV's from branded suppliers across America, including RV Rental Miami Airport and RV rental from Fort Lauderdale in Florida.